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A Day at the Farm in the City

by MayTM
Posted on 11 December 2014

It is the school holidays and I am already cracking my head on kids’ activities as we are not planning any trips this time.

Luckily, Alyssa’s play school organized a trip to the Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan. We had been there before last year but it is still a fun place, especially for young toddlers. It is not entirely stroller friendly as there are a couple of bumpy rides but overall, a stroller comes in handy especially with younger toddlers.

The kids had so much fun feeding the animals, petting the tame ones and they even got to fish the ‘longkang’ fishes (of course they couldn’t catch any, as those fishes swims fast!).  Alyssa was a little braver - she even held onto the chicks; one on her hand, and another on her head! *LOL*


Getting to know you


What is the chick doing on my head?

The kids also learned that the hardest egg is…*drumroll* Ostrich eggs. Even an adult can stand on them!


Look, the eggs don’t break!

Last but not least, they had a ride on a pony.  The fee had increased from last year and even the ride’s duration was shortened!


Pony rides

Oh well, the kids were satisfied nonetheless grin
Happy Children = Happy Mummy…


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