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Amber Chia’s Best Birthday Gift Ever From Baby Ashton

by Amber Chia
Posted on 14 December 2011

It has been a great year. I shall certainly remember 2011 as a year of achievements! I am very happy with what I have done this year.  My son, Ashton is healthy and happy. I have never been so busy with modeling and acting engagements. I opened four academies in one year. My business is growing and getting better but the most satisfying part is being able to help my students make their dreams come true.  Of course, I wouldn’t have done all these without the generous support of my sponsors, friends and members of the media.

I think time management is very important. You have to get your priorities right. For me, everything is important. To have a perfect life, you need your family, friends, business, career and in capital letters, LOVE. You know everything must be in balance. Everything must be managed well. Every night before I go to sleep, I spend fifteen minutes to half an hour reviewing what I have done for the day and planning what I am going to do tomorrow. The key to success is doing things better each time.

My wish for next year? I hope to grow my business in 2012. We are going to open another three academies. As for my family, I just want my son, husband, family and friends to be healthy and happy. Health is very important. When you have good health, everything else becomes easy.

I am shopping with my baby Ashton in Bangsar Village II. He is in Toys’R’Us and I am in Lyn BV choosing something for my birthday party tonight. I am having a small birthday party for my family and close friends. I am getting something for Ashton too. I feel that it is also his birthday! Nowadays, he buys more things than me though. grin

Baby Ashton gave me the best birthday gift I could ever ask for at the grand opening of the fourth Amber Chia Academy in Berjaya Times Square. He walked the runaway - ALL BY HIMSELF!  The last time that he did a show, I had to carry him. I was so impressed with him. He acted like a professional model - even knew when to stop and pose for the cameras. The crowds loved him. I have just voted him the best male model of the Amber Chia Academy.


He talks a lot more now, mostly in his own language that I don’t understand. He can tell me what he wants. He loves bananas and will reply, “Banana, Banana, Banana” every time I ask him, “Ashton Do you want a banana?”  Sometimes, he will just ask for it himself.

I believe at this age, he learns a lot as he gets very curious. When we were in a traffic jam just now, he made me point to the other cars and then he said “car, car”.  It was kind of funny because that is the way I teach him words. I will point to the object and then tell him what it is. Can you imagine? He is trying to teach me with my own method! My baby Ashton is really adorable. I am so thankful for the joy that my son brings to me.

Plans for another baby? No, I don’t have time now as I am too busy with my career.  I want to have a baby girl, a sister for Ashton in two years time.  I believe in spending quality time with children and until I can do that, I will have to defer any such plans.

Christmas and New Year is coming round the corner. All the beautiful decorations are up around town. I love Christmas and New Year. Everyone around the world celebrates these joyous occasions together. This year, I bought a small Christmas tree for Ashton and he loves it. This year will be the second year that I am celebrating Christmas with my son.  Hasn’t time flown? My baby Ashton can now tell me what he wants for his Christmas present.

I want to wish all parents and babies a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It is a blessing already if our children are healthy and happy. We don’t need to ask for anything more. Have fun and a great time during Christmas and just kiss your baby for me.

By the way, I want to thank everyone who attended the opening of the fourth Amber Chia Academy at Berjaya Times Square and my 30th birthday party recently.  I had a wonderful time and hope that you all did too!


Gosh, I am going to turn 30 tomorrow. I want to thank everyone who is coming to my little party tonight. Your company means a lot to me. Some parents will be bringing their babies along and I hope everyone will have fun.

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