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Amber Chia’s Little Ashton Can’t Wait For Christmas

by Amber Chia
Posted on 12 December 2013

My little darling Ashton did a lot of shows recently. I never thought he could become the “Supermodel Ashton” but I had clients requesting for his participation. When I asked my boss, Ashton if he would like to do the shows, he replied: “Yes, I WANT!”. So I put him in four shows and he performed amazingly well. I am so proud of him! Everyone was surprised that Ashton, at only 3 years old can perform so well. I believe that my little boy will definitely be in this industry as I can see myself in him when he is on the stage. We enjoy being on the stage so much. smile

Ashton at the Guess fashion show

Ashton at Lord’s Tailor fashion show

When Ashton turned three, his emotions got better. He listens to me but I have to be very patient in explaining to him what is right and what is wrong. He has improved tremendously from the terrible two stage. It is astonishing how fast he has matured lately. He is very tuned in to my moods too.  He will ask when I am sending him to school “Mommy, are you tired? Are you sleepy?” if I had a long exhausting night. If I pretend to be annoyed with him for being naughty, he is all goody two shoes the next day; “Good Morning Mommy, are you okay today? Are you tired? Do you want to send Ashton to school? Ashton is a good boy today”. He is so adorable – my little darling!!

Ashton is going to miss his teachers and friends at Steps Ahead Learners. He will be going to the Kuen Cheng kindergarten next year. I want him to learn Chinese because it will help him understand our Chinese culture better and also China is fast becoming the largest economy in the world. Even Americans are rushing to teach their kids Mandarin. Ashton knows that he is going to a new school. He says, “Ashton is big already. Ashton is going to the big school. Ashton cannot go to the small school anymore”. I think four is the age when children are willing to learn. When they are seven to ten years old, they might not be so open to the challenge of a new language.

There was a concert in Steps Ahead Learners last week and I am proud to say that Ashton was the star performer. He sang so loud and clear. grin

Ashton at the school concert – Part 1

Ashton at the school concert – Part 2


Ashton is very popular in school and he is the teacher’s “jewel” too. When he arrives in school, everyone will welcome him with, “Hi Ashton!”. Kids who are sitting on the teacher’s lap will always move aside for him. I was wondering why they do that until I was told Ashton is the teacher’s pet. I am sure he is going to miss his teachers, friends and girlfriend at Steps Ahead Learners.

My little Ashton is very loyal to his girlfriend you know. We were at the press release call for a Chinese New Year collection that I am doing with popular Malaysian designer, Melinda Looi and Ashton met her five years old daughter, Maya. After playing happily with her for awhile, he came up to me and said he wanted to marry Maya. It was really funny and the conversation went like this:

Ashton: Mommy, I want to marry Maya
Me: What? Marry Maya?
Ashton: Yes.
Me: You have to ask Maya. Only if Maya says yes, then you can marry her.
Ashton: Maya, I want to marry you.
Maya: I don’t want to marry Ashton.
Ashton (very loudly): I like you, you have to marry me!
Maya: NO, I already have a boyfriend in school.
Ashton: I don’t care, you have to marry me.
Me: Ashton, if you want to marry someone, you cannot force her. Only if she agrees then you can marry her and you also have to ask Maya’s dad.
Ashton: Uncle Greg, I want to marry Maya – can or not?
Greg: Yes, if you are a good boy.
Ashton: Yes, I am a good boy.
Greg: You need to have money to marry Maya.
Ashton: Mommy, can I have money please?

When we were in the car, I asked him: “If you are going to marry Maya, what will become of Yvonne?” Yvonne is his girlfriend in school. He replied that he will marry Maya first and Yvonne second. I had to explain to him that he cannot have two wives. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he said: “I still want to marry Yvonne, I don’t want to marry Maya.”

Ashton has an eye for pretty girls you know. **wink** Every time he joins me at the Academy where I teach, he will tell me, “WOW Mommy, there are so many Princess Leia here!” Now that he is so into “hero” stuff, all pretty girls are Princess Leia, I am Amidala and he is Luke Skywalker. He puts all the characters in the Star Wars team into his life. He even wanted his hair styled like Luke Skywalker at the hair salon the other day and got quite upset when his new hair style did not look like his hero.


Recently, we were at a shopping mall to support the Hug a Shark campaign.  Ashton asked me, “Is it Christmas now?” as the Christmas decorations were all up. He can’t wait for Christmas day because I told him I was only going to buy him a present for Christmas every time he asks me to buy him a toy. I am trying to teach him values. I don’t want him to become like “What I want I get”. It is very hard for me to see him cry and plead, “Please, please, please” when I refuse to buy him what he wants. It is not that I cannot afford to but I want to make him understand that he cannot get everything he wants. I always tell pregnant moms that being pregnant for nine months and delivering my baby is so easy but educating him is the most difficult part in motherhood.  If we do not teach them well, we as mothers are the ones who will suffer in future.


My friends are so surprised that I can find time to send and fetch Ashton from school. I make it a point to do so because that is my quality time with him. I know that if I don’t do it, I may not be able to spend any time with him as I work until midnight sometimes. By the time I get home, he has fallen asleep. When I make appointments, I clarify that I need a break at nine in the morning to send my son to school and one at lunch time to fetch him from school. People go, “Wow, you are a really good mother!”.

Ashton is an amazingly warm little boy with a big heart. He told me he is going to buy me a birthday present. I don’t know how he knows my birthday is coming. Maybe, our maid told him. He asked his Papa for some money to buy a present for Mommy’s birthday on the 14th of December, “Mommy’s birthday is coming you know.” I love my little boy so much.


We redecorated Ashton’s bedroom recently as he had outgrown the baby stage. He loves his new car-shaped bed and he has a new wardrobe and a few other things. They are all in his favourite colour, blue. The furniture is from “My Little World”.


This is a good time for shopping and visiting the malls with the kids. All the Christmas decorations are so beautiful and the mood is really festive with Christmas trees and Santa Claus walking around. Ashton and I would like to wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.  I just want Ashton to remain happy and healthy. Of course, I have plans for my business and career too but they are secondary to good health, Ashton’s health and my health. With good health, everything is possible.

I would like to remind everyone to go for a medical check-up every year too. The chances of getting cured is so much better if a condition is caught at an early stage. My aunt just passed away from breast cancer and it is so sad that she did not know about her illness until it was at the late stage. That is why I make good health my priority for 2014 and I hope everybody do the same too.

Once again, Merry Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy New Year 2014 to all!!


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