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Amber Chia’s Little Ashton Gets Financially Savvy

by Amber Chia
Posted on 14 May 2014

My little Ashton has been quite busy with modelling assignments lately. Nowadays, it is not easy getting him to work with me – he negotiates for “deals”. He will go, “Yes Mommy, I will work with you but will you buy toys for me?” and “How many toys?” He has grown smarter. Sometimes, he will ask, “How many toys can I buy with a few hundred dollars?” In a way, I am glad he is learning to be financially savvy wink

Recently, he has developed a little nervousness and shyness on the catwalk. My little darling has grown up quite a bit. He has become aware that other people’s beliefs and feelings are different from his and this newly developed self-awareness is causing some stage fright. He is still okay in front of the cameras but when he is on the stage or catwalk, he gets a little anxious.  He reassures me though with, “I am fine Mommy, just a little nervous”.

Ashton’s very first Chinese New Year song

Ashton at Koujee Beatbox with Sawyer Leong

I do enjoy motherhood. Every time my little Ashton reaches a different age, I get a different experience. I think having Ashton makes my life so perfect and amazing. He completes my life and we have so much fun together.


I am still planning for a daughter. I don’t know when that will happen but I hope it will be soon.

We celebrated Ashton’s nanny’s birthday two days ago. Ashton asked me for some money to buy her a present. He knows how to appreciate people around him. He does not say it but his actions speak louder than words.


Ashton is still a big Angry Bird fan. He has so many Angry Bird toys in the house that I have to refuse his requests to buy more. I try to explain to him how expensive they are and that he will need to earn his own money to buy them.


Although Ashton gets a little nervous on the runway, he still loves to strut his stuff. At my Academy’s graduation day, he wanted to be on the catwalk when he saw the children parading. His idol, Crystal Lee was there too and she was his inspiration to wear his new tuxedo, a gift from Lord’s Tailor.  He had refused to wear it initially but put it on quickly when I told him that Crystal Chei Chei (Big sister in Chinese) likes boys in tuxedo. My little Ashton has a mind of his own and it can be quite difficult to persuade him to change once he decides on something.


He can be quite naughty too. The other day, he pulled down my curtains whilst trying to swing on it like an Orang Utan. I had to discipline him and at the same time explain to him how dangerous it was if the curtain casements had fallen on him. Anyway, it was a good excuse to change the curtains. We had them for six years already. Ashton picked red colour for the new curtains. He knows red is my favourite colour. When we had the new curtains fixed, he said: “Mommy, your new curtains are beautiful!  It’s your favourite colour, you see.” He can really turn on his charm when he wants to. He gets me annoyed with one of his naughty deeds and then calms me down with his sweet words. I would like to thank the Curtain Place for giving me a very special price for the curtains and Ashton for choosing the colour.  My home looks very elegant now.


Ashton is a good copy cat as well. Whenever I pose, he would want to do the same pose as well. He is like trying to impersonate everyone. He loves taking selfies with different expressions. He tells me he does not know how to do sad expressions which means he is a happy little boy.


He is good fun at this age. We go everywhere together. A week ago, we attended Sazzy Falak’s twins’ birthday.  The theme was “Frozen”. All the kids are crazy about the song in the movie, “Let it go”. He can sing the song in his own fashion. He still likes to sing grown-up songs. Sometimes, he sings along with me in the car. Ashton’s favourite character in the Frozen movie is Olaf, the snowman. It was an open air party in the garden and Ashton had fun.


I try to let him attend as many kids’ parties as possible so that he can better understand other kids’ life and mix around socially. We were at Carrie Lee’s birthday party and her daughter’s birthday party as well.  He tags along to my events too. He is comfortable socializing with both kids and adults.


Recently, I held a Charity Bazaar at my Academy to sell all my second hand stuff. I donate the proceeds to the Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Down Syndrome Dan Hyper Active.

I took Ashton to Ipoh for a one day and one night trip. Ashton enjoyed himself at Lost World and Hot Spring, Tambun. We travel a lot but have not been to Lost World before. Ashton loves outdoor sports - I am going to be very tired.


We did a fashion show for Mother’s Day at NuSentral and my little boy was at his wonderful best.


I showcase my little darling’s achievements on my wall. I can’t help it - I am a shamelessly proud mother!


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