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Amber Chia’s Little Darling Ashton Goes To Preschool

by Amber Chia
Posted on 17 October 2012

My baby Ashton just celebrated his birthday. He turned two! People always say that this is the terrible two stage but it isn’t that bad really. He is kind of a good boy. And I am enjoying motherhood more and more.

As I was busy with my movie shoot during Ashton’s birthday last year, I promised him that I will hold a birthday party for him this year. I not only had one but two birthday parties for him! I held one party in my house; the big one with all my friends and relatives and another one in the school where Ashton goes to now.

The turn-out for Ashton’s birthday party was amazing. He received lots and lots of birthday gifts. He truly enjoyed himself. I allowed him to be the KING for the day. I created a theme for the day, “The World of Cartoons”. Everyone came dressed as cartoon characters. All the kids looked adorable. They all had fun! Ashton especially loved the Angry Bird birthday cake I bought him as he is a great Angry Bird fan. He even did the Gangnam style dance and he looked so adorable. It is so popular -even my son has caught on to it.

Ashton loves parties. Every day, he will ask me, “Mommy when is my party again?” I told him that he will have to wait another year. I think he can’t wait for the next party because he collected a lot of new toys as birthday presents and he was the “King” for the day. He is a toy lover and a lot of people gave him Angry Bird toys. I am surprised that he can tell me the names of all the angry birds. I don’t even know them. I was like “Wow, He is a really great fan of angry birds!”

You would be surprised how fast kids learn nowadays. I realized that Ashton learned really very fast after 1 ½ years old. He is a very good boy because he listens to me. But of course, sometimes he wants me to “manja” (pamper) him. I tell him that his bed time is 9:00pm and he will go to bed when I tell him to every night, without fussing.

My little darling is a sweet talker as well. Sometimes when I look into his eyes in the morning, he will tell me, “Mommy beautiful!” or when I am all dressed up for work, he will say, “Mommy, number one beautiful!”. My heart melts every time he does that. He likes paying compliments to my friends too. He will often say,  “Cheh cheh (big sister) so beautiful!” or “Uncle so handsome!” At times he will touch my friends’ faces and say, “Cheh cheh, you are so beautiful!’ It’s so surreal. My friends get so smitten that they shower him with gifts. I think he learns from me as I love paying compliments to my friends. I believe that you are the happier person when you make someone happy. My baby Ashton has great PR skills. So all you girls out there, watch out for my sweet talking little man. wink

It is not too early to start school, you know. Some of the students in his school already started when they were 18 months old. Ashton only started when he was 21 months old. But it is kind of a preschool. The school is in the Bangsar Shopping Complex and is called Steps Ahead Learners. It is a preschool for kids from 1 ½ year to 5 years old.

The main reason I send Ashton to preschool is that he does not have children his age to play with at home. He was acting like an adult. He did not know how to play with other children. He was singing adult songs like “I’m coming home”, “Bagawan solo” and “Nobody nobody but you”. I was worried you know. My son wasn’t behaving like a kid so it was time to do something about it.

Of course, the first two weeks were terrible. He was crying and he wanted me to be there but after that he was like, “Mommy I want to go to school”. Hearing that was like music to my ears. I am glad that he is enjoying school time now. He has been attending the school for only 3 months since but I can already see improvements. Before this, he was like a “king” in the house because he is the only child and everybody at home danced to his tune. Now, Ashton has become more independent. He behaves well. He has good table manners. He has become very sociable, loves talking to the other kids in school. He has also learned to share things as he knows everyone in the school is treated equal. And yes, he is into kids stuff nowadays. He sings kids songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and does kids dance. I am really pleased with Ashton’s progress. He has become so much more confident since joining Steps Ahead Learners. His teacher told me Ashton has a very good memory. She was amazed that he learned all the names of his friends within a week, all 20 of them.

Actually he is in school right now. I am having a coffee while waiting for him to finish school. His school time is from 9:00am to 1:00pm so I have got into the habit of waking up at 8:00am to get him ready for school. Every day when I fetch him from school, he will tell me everything that he did in class. I always encourage him to talk to me and I would like to see this open communication between us to last till he grows up and I grow old.

I took up a very big challenge - I am a full-time mommy for 1 ½  months. Our maid, Ashton’s nanny has been with me for 3 years and she is now on holidays in the Philippines. My husband actually advised me, “Why don’t you hire a temporary nanny?” I actually hired one. When she came to my house before she started work, I introduced her to Ashton: “This is Aunty Jenny. She is going to take care of you for one month”. Do you know what my son answered? He said “I don’t want you! I don’t want Aunty Jenny, I want Mommy”. I went like, “Okay, since it’s only for 1 ½  months and I had never taken care of him without a helper. Why not?” At the same time, I also thought that Ashton would have to get used to our maid all over again when she returns.

This full-time job is very tiring.  Ashton wakes me up at midnight sometimes. I am not getting enough sleep – my face is getting pimply. I have to take him along with me to the office and events…wearing my 4 inch high heels. I did all the decorations and preparations for his birthday party. BUT, it is all worthwhile. I have so many good memories and these are mine to keep forever and ever. I can’t buy them with money! smile

We are getting more and attached to each other. We are like seeing each other 24 hours a day. I sleep with him. Bed time moments are so sweet. Ashton wants me to sing to him before going to sleep. I have to learn children’s songs as I don’t know some of the songs he wants me to sing. I don’t have the heart to refuse his requests so I asked the school for the lyrics. I also love waking up in the morning to see his face beside me.

Recently, I took Ashton along to a lot of events as I am a full-time mom. Not only do I get dressed up, Ashton also dressed up as well.

I also took Ashton to “Farm In The City”. When I told him that we were going to the Farm in the City to visit the animals there, he ran to his room and pointed out to me one by one: the Angry Bird, the Mickey Mouse and the Donald Duck. “See already have, see already have”, he told me excitedly. It was so funny! I had to explain that we were going to see the real ones. Ashton enjoyed himself very much, playing with the birds and all the animals. It was a little bit hot but we had a great time. You know mothers are like that. When you see your kids all excited and smiling, you are the happiest one.

So almost every weekend, I am like “Where shall I take Ashton to?” I do want him to be happy and healthy and at the same time I want him to be a good boy too. It is not easy you know. As a mother you just love your kids and sometimes you tend to spoil them. But I do try to control myself. And he does listen. But sometimes when he doesn’t I will tell him that Mommy is angry. Then he will look at me and say, “Scared Mommy angry” and behaves. He is a good boy and I can see that he loves me so much and I love him so much.

I really love motherhood and I enjoy all the quality time I have with Ashton and he really makes my life so perfect and complete. I only have to see him smile and my heart turns over. I love him more than the whole wide world. Sometimes when I ask him, “Mommy loves you, do you love mommy?”, he will respond, “Mommy, I love you more than the WIDE WIDE world!” because he doesnt know how to say “whole wide world”. grin

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