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Amber Chia’s Little Darling Ashton just turned ONE year old!

by Amber Chia
Posted on 12 October 2011

I just got back from my movie shoot in Sabah. I have been away for about two weeks. I missed Baby Ashton!

My little darling turned 1 year old when I was doing my movie shoot. He came to visit me and we celebrated his 1st birthday in Tawau.  It was not a big party as I was not in KL. We had a private family party for Ashton.  It was true family togetherness – a gathering of THREE generations.

Baby Ashton just learned how to walk. He can stand up on his own and manage two to three steps before falling down.  I think he will be able to walk properly soon without falling down.  I have waited so long for him to walk and he is finally doing it. I am thrilled to bits. I just got back late last night and the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was go downstairs straightaway to see him.  I hugged him and he was so happy to see me. When I put him down, he proudly showed me he can walk.  You know, he is just so adorable and so cute.

I have some advice for mothers. When your baby learns how to walk and crawl, you really have to be careful with things in the house like putting something soft on the floor because you don’t know when they will fall. If they fall on something hard, they might hurt themselves. It is good to encourage them to take their first steps but you really have to be careful especially when they get close to tables or chairs.  You don’t know when they will knock themselves. It is better to take all precautions.  Also fasten the seat belts in your car or your baby stroller. Babies will try to climb out when they can stand and walk.  One mother actually told me about how her baby fell in such a scenario.

Later, we went to Sunway Lagoon for lunch and I took him swimming. He loves playing in the water. You should see him splashing about so happily in his swim gear!

He has six teeth now:  two each on the top and bottom in front and two on the sides. Oh! He looks so cute when he smiles. He recognizes names now. Whenever I ask him: “Who is nanny?”, he looks at the maid, “Who is Ah Yee?”, he looks at my sister and “Who is mummy?”, he looks at me.  I love it when he points at himself if I ask him: “Who is my handsome boy?”

So far, motherhood has been fun for me.  This is the first time I have been away from my baby for about two weeks. Well, it is actually one week because he came over to Tawau to visit me.  He is comfortable with travelling on the plane now. Prior to this trip, we (my husband and I) took Ashton to the Gold Coast for a holiday. It was a long flight you know, all of eight hours but he was pretty cool all the way. He didn’t cry much – I was surprised. He got bored some of the time but he went to sleep without kicking up a fuss.  We had a lot of fun in the Gold Coast. We enjoyed the weather and Surfers Paradise. Baby Ashton had a great time!

Two months ago, I bought baby Ashton a Happy Meal Time bowl and spoon from Avent.  It is easier to train him to eat with this special bowl as it is made from rubber and stays put on the table. He can hold the spoon pretty well now and feeds himself. He messes up his clothes, the table and floor though and I have to clean him up after each meal.

Baby Ashton’s vocabulary has grown. He can call “PoPo” (maternal grandma), “MaMa” (paternal grandma), “KoongKoong” (maternal grandpa) and “YehYeh” (paternal grandpa). Sometimes he puts two to three words together too such as “Mama MurmMurm” which means he wants food. But most of the time, he still engages in gibberish talk that nobody understands.

It is already a year. It is incredible how time has flown. It feels like only yesterday when I first learned that I was pregnant. Gosh! I can’t believe my baby Ashton is about 12kg now.  I enjoy motherhood and I marvel at the miraculous changes I see in him every day. I want to stay in Malaysia with him because I don’t want to miss any of these. I think that is what all mothers want to do.


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Little Ashton so adorable^^

By Chloe on 2011 10 12

Older sister in Bahasa Malaysia is .......... (5 characters required)

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