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An Exciting Day At Zoo Negara!

by MayTM
Posted on 15 August 2012

At 2.5 years old, we think that Ryan is ready for the ZOO. A few weeks before, he has been singing the ‘Going to the Zoo’ song repeatedly! Besides, he’s been introduced to a lot of different animal via flash cards and books. So, it’s like a momentum building up towards this trip! He even had his favourite elephant t-shirt on smile

Upon entry, the first thing that attracted Ryan was the fleet of parked trams. Spent some time there whilst he inspected the wheels, seats and steering. Then we headed to the Children’s World as it is supposed to be a display of more ‘friendly’ animals i.e. a petting zoo (this mummy did a little online homework from the zoo’s website). There, Ryan saw ponies, goats and rabbits. Next, we went on our way to the penguin and aquarium display, passing by a group of monkeys and birds. He remembered all the animals from books, videos and songs – it’s so exciting to see him connecting with all the things that he had learnt. He’s also very excited at the penguin’s aquarium as he has a little penguin backpack!

Next, we saw the hippopotamus, a baby at first, then the enormous adult hippo. However, he was more interested at the mini water wheels, staring at how it works! As we were heading towards the bear’s cage, Ryan told us that he wanted to sit on the back of the bear! Again, it was from a cartoon about the bear and the girl (mind you, it’s on youtube.com and it’s a Russian cartoon!), yet he enjoys watching very much (its quite hilarious)… sometimes I wonder how he managed to ‘search’ for these videos (even though I keep close tab of what he watches). By now, we’d been walking quite a bit and its getting really hot (~11am). So we decided to head to the more interesting animals – the tigers and lions.

In the enclosure, there were two tigers, one was lying on the grass, another skinny-dipping in the water. Since Ryan didn’t show too much interest here, we proceeded to look for the lion’s enclosure. As we were passing by the second tiger, it suddenly snarled at us angrily (baring its sharp tooth)!! It was totally unprovoked and it seemed as though it was trying to swim towards us! Actually, what perplexed us was the enclosure was just a glass divider, water and it’s the tiger’s area. If memory serves me right, tigers are capable of swimming in the water! I wonder if it ever tried to swim all the way to the divider?? That thought sent a shiver down my spine - a runaway animal! Yikes!! There was one recent case where a monkey went berserk and bit a man and a toddler (in a zoo elsewhere). There are more zoo horror stories, but I’d rather not dwell into it. But one important thing is to teach the children not to provoke the animals, poke fun or go too near to the enclosures. Learn to respect the animals and appreciate nature, that’s what I’m trying to instil in Ryan.

After that incident, we became more vigilant over other animals’ behavior.

As Ryan’s energy level began to wears off, we had a nice break by strolling along the big lake in the south-western side of the zoo, enjoying the view with ‘big’ birds flying around. There were several photographers capturing these moments along the lake as well.

Since he was getting tired, we decided to skip the reptile display and headed straight to the ‘grand finale’ – the elephants and giraffes. Although he was strapped to the stroller, he was thrilled when he saw the elephants. He kept on asking us; what are they doing (picking leaves – to eat I presume), why are they walking around, why do they flap their ears, wag their tails,  etc…! Lastly, it was the giraffes. He seemed to be losing interest, so I tried to draw his attention by asking him to count the giraffes. There were a couple of baby giraffes as well and they are so adorable.

It’s amazing how a little 2.5 year old could relate all these animals with materials that he had been exposed to. His mind is such a sponge and experts say that up to 6 years old, children’s mind are constantly absorbing all the information and retains it better than older children. So mummies, spend as much time as you can to nurture these young minds – it is so rewarding to see their intellectual level improve over time grin

Since it was a week-day, the zoo was pretty empty and Ryan had plenty of space to run about – freely. I am sure it has been a memorable experience as he is asking us to take him to the zoo again! Perhaps in another two years time when his little sister is older (btw, she just turned three months old). I guess it’ll be a different experience altogether to see two siblings interacting in the future.

A note of advice; bring insect repellant ointment - the mosquitoes there are humongous!

Finally, here is one for the album – my happy little one:-


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