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Being Away From The Kids

by Intan
Posted on 07 November 2012

Being a working mother means that there are days when you have to be away from your kids sometimes. In my case, I get to travel though not very often but I guess it is one of the ways to unwind myself from the kids’ wailing and shouting matches But of course, I still miss them so much!

I just got back from an eight days working trip to Seoul. It has been a fun trip despite having to work. When I first knew that I have to go for the trip, I of course was worried about my kids’ reaction, especially my daughter who is still breastfeeding. My son kept negotiating with me to shorten my trip. “Mama, 2 days only please”, he said but of course being an employee what choice do I have.

My daughter was crying when she saw me pulling my bag towards the door. Luckily I live with my parents so they were trying to keep her calm and surprisingly it did work! To avoid more drama, I forbid my kids to send me off at the airport I know if they were at the airport, it will be me who will end up in tears because it is just so hard to say goodbye to the kids even though it is only for a few days.

Of course when I was away from my kids, a lot of things crossed my mind. Are they behaving? Are they healthy? If they are sick, are they being given the right dose of medication at the right time? Will they miss me? Well I guess I can’t help being a mom despite being thousands of miles away!

In the end, everything turned out okay. My son was down with mild fever but he recovered. Surprisingly, my usually mischievous daughter was behaving so well that my mother who was taking care of her was pleasantly surprised. Of course, as soon as I got back she goes all attention seeking - complete with wailing and shouting again. But then to me, how boring would life become without the hustle and bustle that are my kids. Yes, they shout and cry loudly as if the world will end if they don’t get their dose of milk as soon as possible and they jump and run as if the world is a battle ground but that’s usually what makes my day - seeing them all active and happy.

Would I mind being away from home again after this? I guess it’s fine for a few days, but not for too long please smile


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