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Bitter Sweet

by Caroline Cuinet-Wellings
Posted on 05 March 2014

I am coming to end of my second pregnancy with, as the title states, a little bitter sweet feeling. I have loved being pregnant but this is probably going to be the last time I will be pregnant and that makes me a little sad.

Little 4 months bump

Bigger 8 months bump

I enjoyed my first pregnancy very much. I was healthy and active and enjoyed fabulous locks for 9 months! But I was also a secondary teacher in a big international school in Dubai and had management responsibilities so, from my 6th month, I had to have some physiotherapy treatment to ease up excruciating back pains.

Thankfully, this time around, owning my business meant that I could be in control of how much work I was giving myself, organizing and meeting my deadlines, resting, exercising and just enjoying being pregnant. I am lucky, my body has a good disposition to carry pregnancy, and my schedule allowed me to really look after myself. My first daughter is nearly five so she is at school until early afternoon and that left me time to take care of my business responsibilities and make time to swim, or go to pre-natal Pilates. I wanted to make sure I would avoid these back pains this time around and it worked fabulously.

We found out we were expecting right after my husband finally recovered from a very bad episode of dengue fever, which was very scary. After suffering some symptoms in the middle of a track in Indonesia, he had spent a whole week in hospital, had had internal bleeding and even his liver got affected. Little I knew that while this was all going on when something magical was happening inside me!

The cherry on top of the cake though, has been to share this pregnancy with our first daughter. When we told her for the first time, she said: ” I knew it was going to be today that a baby would come!” and ran to her bedroom to draw a little family of four.


Since then, I have stopped counting how many drawings we have of our little family!

Leila has been absolutely wonderful. She has let me sleep for a good two hours in the afternoon, on days where I had been hit by pregnancy insomnia to the point of not being able to function or even take her to her capoeira lessons. She has even said to me that she rather not go so I could get as much rest as possible. I think it has been a very, very long time waiting for her. Kids have little concept of time and I think it might be dragging a bit now.


In fact, half way through the pregnancy I think she had lost interest! She loves touching my big tummy now and we have enjoyed bath time together, playing with her little sister, drumming from the inside. We have loved reading and singing out loud to her, and of course getting kicked! I have loved how curious she has been about the whole process of her little sister growing inside, asking questions about lungs, asking to see pictures of what she looks like, asking to see how big she is, or how long, compared to her arm…


It has made this experience even more fascinating. It is like it was for the first time. No words can express how happy I am feeling at the moment.

21 weeks

35 weeks

I just can’t wait for Leila to meet her little sister, who she is looking forward to cuddle; and of course the years to come, for them to bond and for us four to look like a picture like this:

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