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Choosing Baby Names Sometimes Can Be A Headache For Parents

by Intan
Posted on 26 September 2012

Heard the phrase “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”? That was from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But did Shakespeare really know how hard it is to name a baby? Hahah..of course all babies came into this world smelling sweet. In fact I kind of missed the baby sweet smell that my eldest son, Husayn used to have. And I really thought besides giving birth, the other hard part of having a baby is naming the baby itself.

You see, I started contemplating baby names when my eldest Husayn was just 2 months inside my womb. At the time, I was hoping for a baby girl so I kept searching for the perfect baby girl name that I could find. I remember settling for the name, Nur Almira Latifa which ended up becoming my daughter’s name. Basically, Almira means princess and Latifa means petite in Arabic so I thought the combination of that name will make the perfect baby name for me. But oh wait, Queen Latifa is not exactly petite, right? Oh sorry, that’s another story altogether.

And then when I found out my first baby is actually a boy,  so began my mad scrambling searching for the perfect baby boy name which actually is really really tough. Tough because the name is either:

  1. my relatives or husband’s relatives name or
  2. too many people has been using that name or
  3. my husband hated the name that I have chosen or
  4. I hated the name that my husband has chosen

In reality, it took months of browsing through books and surfing the internet to find that perfect baby boy name.I finally took a liking to Zarif which means elegant and witty but I ended up altering the spelling to Zharief. As for Husayn, actually I originally meant to do the spelling like this—> Hussein. But one fine day, when I was already 9 months into pregnancy, I saw the list of baby names in a magazine with the spelling Husayn and I instantly love it! Husayn also means handsome and so finally we ended up with Mohammed Husayn Zharief.

Some people thought that I gave my son a long mouthful name because my name is only one word with five letters and some people claimed that my husband’s name sounds more modern than Husayn’s name. But I guess what matters most is my husband and I really love it and to make it more precious, we call him Husayn Zharief instead of the short form. I mean why waste a lot of time thinking of a long mouthful name when you have to call him by short form? Haha.

To any mommy-to-be who is reading this, good luck in choosing that perfect name!


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