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Dealing With Husayn’s First Day At The Kindergarten

by Intan
Posted on 25 January 2012

5th of January was a big day for my son, Husayn since it was his first day at the kindergarten!

I made sure I took leave on that day so I, together with my husband can send him to school. He was in the afternoon session class since the morning class was already full but I guess I’m okay with it since he is not exactly an early riser.

My son is one fussy kid, so I was kind of expected him to freak out and throw tantrums at school but thank goodness, he behaved so well! It was the first time for me as well, sending my kid to school so it was quite an experience seeing other kids with their parents. Some refused to go inside the class, some were crying for their mommies and some kids were even quite friendly that they made friends with each other already.

As for my son, he was quiet during the first day but he followed whatever the teacher asked him to do. He nearly cried on the second day because he said the hours at school were too long. Initially, he was scared of the teacher being ‘garang’ and all mean but after a few days, surprisingly, he said he loves the teacher.

So how do I prepare him physically and mentally for his first day at kindergarten?

In my son’s case, attending play school classes when he was 4 years old helped a lot.

Well, since he was a baby, he was always afraid of strangers and cried every time we have to go to our relatives’/friends’ house who he’s not familiar with. So last year, I decided to send him to play school to prepare him for kindergarten and to familiarise him with school environment. The classes were held one hour per week on Saturdays and I have to accompany him to class. It was great since he got to socialise with new friends while learning and I also got to bond with him during the class.

But I guess, each kid is different so only us parents know what their needs are. Some kids can mix around easily so they don’t need any play school whatsoever.

To all parents who are sending their kids to the kindergarten for the first time, congratulations! I am looking forward to watch my son learn, grow and share his everyday challenges at school and homework as well!

Husayn posing with his favourite dinosaur bag on his way to school

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