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Dettol Flippy & Hoofy? Oh Soo Easy!

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 06 March 2012

Hygiene is one of the most important things to be practised in the house especially for the kids who always get their hands dirty.. To show them how important it is to ensure their hands are always clean is easy. After all, there’s a lot of ‘medium’ to persuade them like this Crawford the Cat for example.

But it’s my all-time-dilemma to get them to wash their hands on their own. My concern is about the hand washing… it’s not easy to have them wash their hands independently using soap/any hand washing liquid. Ordinary soap and liquid hand wash are just too hard to be handled by them.

Thus, I have to assist them every time they want to wash their hands.

Later when I discovered that Dettol launched their new product in the market – the No-Touch Hand Wash System.. I was so excited to know more about it.

And finally it helps me to stop the ‘dilemma’. What makes it so special? The kids don’t have to hold the soap and press the dispenser anymore to clean their hands. Now they can do it independently, just by putting hands below the faucet.

It is so easy and they get excited when they see liquid soap flow on its own every time they put their hands near its sensor.

Wait, it’s not only that!  Now Dettol has this ‘Special Edition’ with decorative stickers of two characters;  Flippy the penguin and Hoofy the zebra. They ‘rhyme’ with my kids’ names, Fahry and Hafiy raspberry and it does make them more excited!

My kids love stickers, and this time they couldn’t wait to put them on the no-touch bodies and own one each. Of course, Fahry chose Flippy and Hafiy chose Hoofy.

We had it done by them. What a nice home activity.

Flippy and Hoofy come with an even more exciting opportunity to win an iPad2! What’s that?

Yeah! Now Dettol is organizing Flippy & Hoofy’s Clean Quest which can be played from their FaceBook page : http://www.facebook.com/dettolmalaysia.  In each pack there is this coupon to play the game.

Looks like I got to go now, my kids are waiting for their hand-washing!

For mommas out there, you should grab this cool apparatus and take part in the game..  Who knows?  You may win an iPad 2! Do hurry as it ends on March 31st!


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