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Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System

by Mamapumpkin‏
Posted on 13 March 2012

Look guys! Our new bathroom toy!!!

You know how anal we are at home about washing hands so regular spot checks on how T1 and T2 wash their hands are mandatory. Usually, we use the pumping soap bottle but recently, Dettol has come up with the uber cool AUTOMATIC soap bottle dispenser called the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System. If you have kids who think washing hands is a waste of time, then you must get it for it dispenses the soap the moment they put their little hands near it.


Even if you have kids who have no problems washing their hands, it is such a fun gadget for them to play with and at the same time do something functionally useful.


The Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System comes with 2 cute character stickers, Flippy the Penguin and Hoofy the Zebra, and I like it because I know that T1 sometimes find it difficult to pump soap from the bottle dispensers so this effectively makes her life easier. Also, imagine T1 wiping her butt after a poo and then struggling to pump soap from a soap pump dispenser??? EWE!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER so thank you, Dettol!


Dettol is the first to come up with an automatic soap dispenser that is suitable for the home and one day soon, I hope they will come up with the foam version because T1 has been waiting for that! And really, with the foam version, even T2 will be washing her hands more with joy. The Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System is great because nobody touches the bottle so clearly a more hygienic option for containing the spread of germs.



However, if you are keen on getting it, get it fast as it is a limited edition product that goes for RM19.90 only and that includes the batteries that come with it and a brand new bottle of soap. See below? Look out for the box on your left at the supermarket. For only RM19.90, it comes with the NO TOUCH AUTOMATIC soap dispenser (batteries all included – just 4 AA batteries) and a bottle of Dettol liquid soap, the fun stickers for kids to stick on and a special Facebook Code to win an ipad amongst other special prizes.


For added fun, please encourage your children to play the Dettol Facebook game with you organised by Dettol - Flippy and Hoofy’s Clean Quest Contest.  It is not only a fun way to spend with your kids whilst teaching them the importance of hygiene and hand washing, but you stand to win PRIZES. It is a game of Flippy and Hoofy in a battle with bacteria and needing to keep their filth meter as low as possible. I know for sure, T1 will be totally into that!

And I was right! It’s a game that’s easy enough with fun graphics that even T2 knew how to play it.


We’re going to play to win with our special Facebook code which earns us an extra 10,000 points! Come on guys, who’s up for the challenge?


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