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Disciplining my kids

by Intan
Posted on 08 August 2012

When it comes to disciplining my child, I consider myself to be not too strict. Well, at least not as strict as my mother did to us siblings back when we were kids. I remember being yelled and slapped because yours truly destroyed my father’s plants to its untimely demise. Some of my friends got it worse. They were hit by belts and clothes hangers and chased by their parents all over the village, but one thing for sure, we as kids never retaliated. We never talked back, we just sat and listen when we were yelled at.

But kids nowadays are different. You see, I have two kids aged 5 and 2, and both of them will surely have answers and will reply back to whatever that I was yelling about. I was yelling at my daughter the other day when she ‘accidentally’ poured one whole gallon of water on my bed the other day. Honestly, I was really furious. But how would you react if she suddenly mumbled “sorry mama. Lain kali tak buat lagi” Oh, I melted of course and stop my yelling! How could I not when she was being cute and pouting her lips?

As for my son, he is now attending kindergarten. He has this stack of books for reading that he reads at school but every night when I tried to instill this so called ‘reading values’, all I got for response was “abang dah pandai baca la mama..tak payah bacalah!” Honestly son, I don’t even dare to utter those words to my mother when I was a kid and none of my siblings dare to do the same! So I give up making it a habit for him to read every night. Instead, I made him do reading whenever I feel necessary which is usually like once in two days. After all, I am trying to make him love reading, and not forcing him to love it.

Honestly I try to respect my kids’ time and creative freedom. Kids being kids, they are always messy, loud, screaming their hearts out and always running around. I mean it does not even help one bit when I yelled at them to stop yelling or running because usually they pretend that they did not hear anything. I also have this habit of letting my kids argue between themselves just to see how they will solve the problems (though to my utter horror, it usually ends up with my youngest hitting her brother in the face!).

So parents, loosen up and seriously, it’s no fun being too uptight with your kids!


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