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Enjoying The Special Bond With My Three and a Half Year Old

by MayTM
Posted on 14 August 2013

Ryan enjoys nursery a lot. Although he rarely ‘reports’ to me on his daily activities, I can sometimes catch little new things he learns i.e. from the new song he sings, from the arts & crafts he brings home every now and then, etc.

His mental capacity is maturing by the day. Conversations with him seem to be a little more intense. He is at the stage where he will ask question after question. Oh boy, it can get really tiring!

A simple example of our conversation (driving back home from nursery):

M: Look Ryan, they are trimming the tree branches.

R: Mommy, why must trim the branches?

M: To make sure the branches don’t fall on the road.

R: Why does it fall on the road?

M: Because on rainy/windy days, it might break & fall on to the road.

R: What happens when it falls on the road?

M: It might fall & dent a car or break the car window.

R: What happen if it falls on the car?

M: It might cause an accident.

R: What happens if it causes an accident?

M: People might get hurt.

R: Then the ambulance will come and bring them to the hospital.

M: Yes Ryan (secretly feeling glad the conversation is about to end).

R: Mommy, I got a mosquito bite. I need an ambulance.

M: No, you don’t need an ambulance for a mozzie bite.

R: Why……

(and the Q&A session began all over again).

This is what our daily conversations are like. Some topics are repeated even though it has been discussed before and sometimes we talk about new things. It does get tiring when he asks too many questions. It is more like having to come up with more and more answers and I have to be careful to explain it to him as factual as possible at a three years old level. But having said that, I really enjoy the moments we have.

I hope and pray that my relationship with my children will remain bonded this way, something that may diminish towards teenage years. As for now, although he has had his Terrible Two and Horrible Three (my one year old girl will be following suit), I do love our light hearted moments!


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