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Family Backpacking Across Europe

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 13 June 2012

I have never been on any backpacking trip and neither has my husband. I did not even like travelling either.  I found it tiring.  I would rather stay at home then.

However, when my husband asked me to see Europe as backpackers, I decided to give it a try. I surprised myself as I never had any interest in carrying a big bag on my back, travelling North and South. And to make it more interesting, we decided to bring our baby, Danny along.

Our journey started from Paris, then to Rome, Geneva and several towns in Switzerland, Amsterdam,  Edinburgh, Cardiff and ended in London. Before our departure, I felt a bit sad and ‘unprepared’ because I had to leave our other precious boys in Malaysia. But thinking of it “as backpacking and not a vacation!” I had to admit that I would not be capable of carrying all of them.


We had a very interesting journey - flying, riding on buses, trains and bicyles. We took the overnight train and cruised along the North Sea from Amsterdam to Newcastle.

The most beautiful experience we had was in the Glacier Express in Swtizerland; watching wonderful scenery all the way from Zermatt to Chur. The untouched nature was very tranquil. It was just like looking at a wall calendar.


We have been to four non-English –speaking countries : France, Italy, Switzerland and Holland and I was so proud speaking my mother tounge.  It was as if I was conveying the message “I can’t undestand you, and you can’t understand me either!”.

Most of the time, we were on foot and in the train. We prefered taking the long-distance train rather than the aeroplane so we could enjoy the scenery.  I love the countryside where you can see green fields with yellow flowers and herds of cows and sheeps.

How about the baby?

Most of our friends ‘disapproved’of us taking baby along this journey. But I insisted mainly because he is still breastfeeding. I did not want to ‘lose’ my milk again. Surprisingly, taking baby along when backpacking is lots of fun! We enjoyed the bonding and most of the time he benefited us wink

We had priority to board the plane, enter historical places,  sit down in crowds, etc.  Isn’t that interesting? And as I babywear and breastfeed, he could not fuss much when I put his head right on my chest.


I think I would share the rest of the journey in my next entry. I bet it must be interesting as I had inspired several ‘retired backpackers’ to think of getting back to this activity again and they are also thinking of taking their babies along too! And can you imagine how we managed to put everything in ONLY ONE backpack???!!!


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