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Family Barbeque

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 25 July 2012

We, like others, are busy working parents so we have only some precious hours during weekends to spend with our little bundles of joy.

Usually we take them to some interesting and relaxing places to rest and escape from our busy routines.

We had our family barbecue last weekend using our small barbeque set.


There were not-so-relaxing moments when we have to keep the kids away from the barbecue set.  It is small and light so we were afraid it would fall or the heat and burning charcoal might hurt our kids.

So, my husband was doing the cooking process all by himself while I was taking care of the kids and watching him from inside the house.  It was so tempting to be there, at least for the kids, but 3 is a crowd! I kept them occupied with watching the cartoon series on our TV.

And the reward was plates of perfectly barbequed chicken, lamb and beef!

I found out that barbequing is very similar to raising children.

We have to expose them to the fire and heat or else they won’t get cooked. We can’t leave them alone or they might get charred.

I looked at my children. They are so fragile like those meat on the barbeque.  I felt a bit guilty for not being with them, spending more time than I had with them. They grow up so fast and the moment I lost never returned back, just like those meat on the barbeque:  once they get charred, the only solution is to throw them away and grill anew.

To have my children growing up before my eyes is our ultimate dream.  There is a saying that goes ‘Gain some, lose some’.  So I am on my way to make a dramatic change in my life for the sake of my kids. I do not want to see them get charred grin


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