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Finalizing A “Suitable” Kindergarten

by MayTM
Posted on 21 November 2012

Time flies and my eldest is turning 3 next year! As kiasu as it may sound, I actually started kindy/nursery/playschool hunting since he was 1½ years old. Initially it was more like a walk in the park, visiting nearby options; getting a feel of how it is like now (it’s been a LOOOooong time since I last entered a kindergarten premise).

It wasn’t too serious as we only planned to send him when he turns 3. There are a lot of mix reviews over almost the 10 kindergartens I had visited. However, our main intention was for Ryan to enjoy his pre-school days, to learn through fun and to develop a genuine interest in early childhood education. Most importantly, it had to be a good and clean environment for young toddlers to thrive.

Finally, we have decided on a kindergarten which almost fit the bill. A big heave of relief! In less than 2 months his journey to ‘school’ begins. It has been giving me mixed feelings. On one hand, it is his next step to independence. On the other hand, his dependence on us is slowly ‘diminishing’.

We have been prepping him to a ‘face’ the school world alone over the past few months. From potty training to self-feeding, verbal expression, social manners, etc, we are trying our best to help him fit in. Honestly, it seems like we are more anxious about the whole next big step than little Ryan! I have even bought his favourite Thomas the Tank Engine character socks, hoping that he will be as enthusiastic about school as his folks! wink


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