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Fun Time With Phonics

by MayTM
Posted on 12 December 2012

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with phonics. Since I already know how to read, going back to the basics is really not as easy as ABC! For me to teach a child, first I must understand the subject matter. I rather take the extra mile to learn about something before translating it to Ryan. So there I was learning and listening to phonics online (over and over again) for a couple of nights, just getting the sound right and memorizing it. YES, the older brain needs a lot of repetition work! I even prepared flash cards for Ryan so that I don’t have to expose him to any electronic gadget.

At first, I learnt it in the ‘hard’ way - by memorizing each letter’s phonics one at a time. Then I found a ‘fun’ way to learn phonics, via simple songs, which is such a life saver. I started by singing it to Ryan casually, then reinforcing it via flash cards with its simple lyrics and pictures.

To my surprise, after 3 days of 10-15minutes sessions of phonics via song, he could capture the whole flow. Then I randomly sing with him (mixed up the letter’s sequence) and try to introduce simple words like cat, dog, bat, mat etc. It seems like he managed to ‘learn’ the phonics of each letter but to use it to read words, it looks like he needs a bit more time. This is mainly because of the short attention span a toddler has.

However, he’s increasing awareness on words around him helps me to further emphasize the phonics that he’s been exposed to. It is really true that teaching is rewarding when your students show positive progression.

Learning is not only fun, it further bonds us closer together smile

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