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Getting Your Child To SLEEP!!!

by Mamapumpkin‏
Posted on 30 November 2011

Another big, BIG problem for parents the world over is getting their children to sleep independently. It is amazing how much time parents waste just trying to get their kids into bed and you really haven’t a clue how a child rocks your world with such an impact till you have a child who refuses to eat, sleep and listen. Sometimes I do ask myself why anyone has kids. I myself have literally just come out of the kids’ bedroom after wasting 1.5 hours lying down in a darkened room with about 58 intermittent threats that if you don’t lie down right now, I will leave the room!

I have an incorrigible toddler who is 2 years old. She sleeps with her elder sister but INSISTS that Mama puts her to sleep by lying beside her in bed until she goes to sleep. This task could take anywhere from 5 to 150 minutes, and believe me, it is about as fun as drawing ten million symmetrically shaped ‘O’s on a wall. On a good day, I could scroll my Blackberry in a stern voice and she’d be out within 15-30 minutes but on a bad day, I resolve to let her cry it out the next day. Which never happens, of course, because she’s so little and such an angel and we adore her to tiddly bits. Even when she drives us to the brink of insanity with her cheeky antics, like biting her sister in bed just for the heck of it, or rolling around in bed till I turn the lights on then she’d quickly pretend she was already asleep. Oh, if only I’d sleep trained her when she was a baby!!! I feel it unfair right now to suddenly shock her system in withdrawing what she’s so used to.

But by doing this, I also realise that I am not doing her any favours. Sleep is one of the most important things a child needs and enough sleep being even more crucial. A child of 2 needs a total of 12-14 hours in a day (inclusive of naps if they still nap) but more often than not, my 2 year old gets a total of 9-10. Sometimes less! She’s always buzzing and the moment she is accidentally awakened, she will stay awake and there’s no putting her back to sleep. Sleep is a waste of time but sleep she must! How will her cells ever get to regenerate???

Consider this. Sleep is the big time contributing factor in child development. No sleep? Your child won’t grow properly, his brain won’t develop well, his immune system suffers and all these have further knock on effects. It is seriously not worth being lazy about getting your child to sleep.

But as easy as it is to just let her do whatever the hell it is she wants, I need to apply more pressure in ensuring she gets enough sleep. When she doesn’t sleep enough, she is easily cranky and loses her sense of coordination. Most kids are like that. If you ever seemingly have a ‘naughty’ kid, chances are very high that he just hasn’t had enough sleep; or is severely lacking in attention.

So tomorrow, I shall try very hard again to tell my little toddler that she needs to sleep and sleep independently WITHOUT MAMA. Her sister is right beside her so there is no reason why she needs Mama. I’ll report back if I am successful but I am determined to do this for at least 2 weeks. And if all fails, I will buy this book for 10 parents out there who share my children sleep sentiments.


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