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Healthy Birthday Bash! DOs and DON’Ts?

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 28 December 2011

My boy Hafiy turned 4 in October and we had his small birthday party at the nursery. It is actually our family tradition to have birthday celebrations. It’s a day for family gathering. Each year we’ll go back to my home town to celebrate our grandmother’s birthday and she’s 71 this year.

This month, Fahry turned 3 and we planned to have a small birthday bash for him.

What’s on for a boy’s birthday party?


Usually parents would have it according to theme, i.e. their children’s favourite.  We had Hot Wheel during Hafiy’s birthday party. It was lots of fun as I also got the sand art team to be there. Each child took home a hotwheel artwork from sand art of their own.


So, what’s actually the CANs and CAN’Ts for a healthy birthday bash?

The first thing to look at is the food. The food should not be junk food and unhealthy food like candies, too much salt, too sweet and so on. I don’t believe that kids would be happy with candies. An apple is healthier and more valuable than a plate of candies.

The second important thing is party packs. Honestly, I put aside bags full of candies and junk food that my children receive from birthday parties they attend. I don’t trust candies.My children don’t know that lollipop is something edible. The best option for healthy party packs is fruits, low sugar biscuits, stationeries, stickers, party stuff, books, or even handkerchiefs.


You can plan suitable activities to be held during the party, especially if you have a medium to big crowd of kids and/or parents. Simple games such as apple and banana, musical chair, monkey see monkey do and many others are interesting games for a big crowd.

Don’t forget about the babies if you have them as guests. Prepare a suitable room/space for breastfeeding, diaper changing or even for naps.

Use paper plates & cups if you opt for disposable ones (resusable is always the best) rather than polystyrene type. Paper material is degradable and not harmful. Don’t forget to make garbage/recycle bins available!

Try to be as natural as possible for a healthy birthday bash. Serve real food and non-toxic stuff especially for kids. Avoid small components if you have many babies around. If you have a candle blowing ceremony, make sure the table is far away from curtains and keep the matches away after you have lighted the candles.

So, are you ready for a healthier birthday party?


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