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Here Comes Baby Number Two!

by MayTM
Posted on 21 May 2012

I am back with my birth story! Yes, finally the ‘long’ wait for baby’s arrival is over with the birth of our second child, our baby girl on 4th May.

After my week 38 check-up (via internal check), the doctor mentioned that baby will probably arrive in 7-10 days time. This still sounds like a long wait for me. Carrying a huge, heavy tummy is no fun! A week passed, still no contractions, so I spoke to my little one, telling her it is time to come out to meet mummy and daddy. Pregnant mummies should really believe in the power of words with their unborn child.

Two days later, at midnight the ‘contractions’ came (3rd May). I was excited, thinking that it is finally time! Hubby even got up at 3am to get ready, just in case the contractions becomes regular. However, towards morning, the slight pain died down, contraction timing was irregular. So I knew it must be the Braxton Hicks (false labour contractions). I even had the mucous show at 6am. But I knew labour would not be so soon as the same thing happened for my 1st childbirth. It took 12 hours of labour time!

This went on for the whole day. I called the doctor and he advised to admit to the hospital after dinner or latest by early morning. As a second time mother-to-be, I dislike staying in the hospital actually. And if I admit ‘early’, I’ll just be waiting there. Hubby and I decided to admit the next morning at 7am and we went to bed to get more rest.

Midnight strikes (4th May), the contractions became painful. I can feel it radiating from my back to the front abdomen. This pain is different; it is the ‘real’ thing! Hence, I started counting the contraction time, it is 5 minutes apart. Hubby suddenly woke up and asked me about the contraction intervals. I told him, “It’s 5 minutes apart”. He sprung up and said, “It’s time to go!” Quick change, grabbed the labour bag and we were on the way to the hospital. My contraction was becoming more painful, lasting approximately 60 seconds each time. 60 seconds is a LONG time when you are in pain. Every bump the car went over was like an additional jab to the pain!

Finally, we got to the hospital at 2 am, hubby did the admission procedures whilst I was wheeled to the Maternity Ward. Initially I wanted to walk to the ward, as walking helps to hasten the labour. Guess it’s not so easy when the pain gets worse. I was immediately strapped onto the CTG (to record the uterine contractions). There I was, struggling with the pain and the midwife was nicely explaining the standard documents to sign, showing me my name tag, etc… I was, well, not exactly in the right frame of mind during the 60-90 seconds of pain!

Then the midwife did the internal check, it was 4-5 cm dilated! Wow, that’s quite some progress. Immediately I was transferred to the Labour Ward. It’s approximately 2.45 am. Settled down, I was given the Ethonox gas and a Peptidine shot. The midwife did another check and informed us, “It’s 7 cm dilated and this birth will be really fast”. I was like, “then call the DOCTOR!!” She calmly told me that she had already informed the doctor and he was on his way. She asked me to continue using the gas when the contraction comes and not to push as it is not ‘time’ yet.

I also instructed hubby to stand beside me, grabbing and squeezing his hands so tight that I think I almost broke them. Then came the few final moments when I felt a really strong urge to push. I can literally feel a big ‘ball’ coming out. I remember telling the people in the room: ‘I want to PUSH!” Then I saw the doctor wearing his gloves, aprons and..whatever.. I just want to push!! In the midst of all this, I remember saying, “I don’t want this, don’t want the pain…”

Once the doctor sat down, he said, ‘You can push girl’. And I gave my first push but the pain was so great that I lifted up my back. A nurse told me that I have to ‘bear down’ (thanks to all the reading and research on childbirth). I forced my chin down and gave my second hardest push. Out she came!!  ALL IN ONE PUSH (according to my hubby – she just came out!). My first view of our baby was her bum bum!! Hahaha….. Everything just stood still for a moment. While the doctor waited for the third stage of labour (delivery of the placenta), the nurse cleaned my baby and gave her to me.

There she was, staring at us with her eyes wide open. My beautiful little child! It was such JOY to finally meet her face to face. As it was in the wee hours of the morning, the nurse allowed us to stay in the labour ward for almost 2 hours. The three of us took that opportunity to savour our precious initial bonding time. I was actually so tired that I was practically knocked out after that.

I am currently in my confinement - how I wish time flies!! I am getting really bored and it has been so hot these days. Now, it is all about recuperating and getting used to the breastfeeding routine all over again! Yes, giving the best to your child – breast milk.

Got to go now…almost feeding time smile


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