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How To Get Your Breast Milk Back

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 30 May 2012

It was 3 weeks ago when I had a 2-week journey with my husband to the Middle-East and Eastern Europe. We decided to leave our babies in Malaysia for some reasons. And we also decided not to keep any expressed breast milk.  It would be unavoidably “pump and dump”.

Our schedule was packed and my rule for exclusive pumper; I had to pump out my breast milk 2 to 3 hourly to maintain supply. However during the trip I didn’t manage to do that. Furthermore, I had a very slow let-down.  I usually take almost an hour to get 2 bottles. So in that rushed schedule, I wouldn’t be able to spend that amount of time.

And you guess, the result was my breast milk supply dropped dramatically.

There is no way that I would give my baby artificial milk and I was very lucky because the nursery fully supports breastfeeding. They even insisted that I supply more milk for Danny.

What to do? With my depleting milk supply?

Actually milk supply dwindling because of reduced stimulation is not a problem.  It is only a problem if the mother gets pregnant again. Then she might have to wait until the little one is delivered.  If the problem is caused by reduced stimulation, the only solution is – re-stimulating.

I was very happy to see my babies! The biggest breastfeeding related reason was that I got my stimulators back. *HAPPY* Baby’s suckling is very important in breastfeeding as he/she is able to empty the breast unlike most pumps.

So, here is what I did to get my milk supply back:

  • Get extra protein in my diet
  • Keep feeding my babies as often as possible
  • Power pumping

Power pumping is a practice where a mother pumps the milk for a specific number of minutes, then rest for the same period, and continue again over a duration of one hour.

I continued doing power pumping for a week before my breast got engorged and leaked again.

So,  mothers with milk supply problem not related to pregnancy, taking pills, or health - don’t worry.  It is ‘curable’.  Remember one keyword –STIMULATION!


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