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How To Keep Kids Busy For WAHM

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 04 April 2012

I am a part-time WAHM (work at home mum). Sometimes, I find it difficult to concentrate on my work when my kids are busy trying to catch my attention.  I think even full-time WAHM faces the same problem. You are in dilemma as to whether you should attend to your customer s or your children.

The beauty of doing online business is you don’t have to attend to the customer right on the spot. You can arrange the time accordingly. But, when the time comes to ‘work’, the children will need us like no boundaries.

So what do we do when the kids need us 24 hours a day while we have other work to do, not to mention the household chores..?

Keep it simple. I think I agree with the rule “the smaller your kids are, the smaller your home business to-do is”.  I have to agree that I am neither a superwoman nor a supermom.  Kids need attention and they are number one in any mother’s life.

The most important thing is to schedule your day and have a dedicated time to do activities with kids. 10 minutes or 30 minutes a day is enough. The point is quality. It is more important than quantity. And have a dedicated time to do business.  Let’s say 1 hour a day for a part-time WAHM like me.  Some mothers find its easy as their children sleep at 8,9 or 10 at night. But my kids sleep at 2 a.m. and it is impossible to do things after they go to sleep!

Here are some ideas to keep kids busy while mummy is doing ‘business’ at home:

Prepare a “Kids’ Work Station” Near to our Work Station
It doesn’t have to be a ‘workstation’ really. It is sufficient to have dedicated space where we can see each other. Like my kids, they won’t let me out of their sight. So, make it a win-win situation.

Stock Up Art Supplies
Kids love coloring and scribbling activities. Prepare stationery so that they can color and scribble freely. Er, but not on the wall!

Interactive Books/Soft Books
For babies around 1 year old or below, interactive soft book (cloth book) with objects they could pull, shake, etc. must be very attractive. Bigger kids need books like pull-up book so they can enjoy themselves when we are not there to read to them.

Educational DVDs
Even if AAP does not approve TV watching for kids under 2 years old, it is not a mind violation to let small children watch TV provided it is not too much. And choose the program. The best is Play DVD instead of TV program, as educational DVD has been designed in a suitable pace for little kids to watch.

Make your own play-doh!  It is safe for babies and is edible some more ^__^

Play Imagination
Let the kids sink in their imagination. My kids love swimming and sometimes they ask for swimming pool in the middle of the night. So I put them in their swimming suits and they ‘swim’ while I work.

Another thing is, if your spouse is not busy, ask him to take over baby-sitting while you’re on call.

What is important is STAY CALM. And don’t have high expectations. I just do my best. And don’t forget to self-reward for any achievement.

Good luck all WAHM and WAHM-to-BEs!


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