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How to Travel Light With Little Kids

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 18 December 2013

Our first time travelling to London in 2010, we brought 3 big bags. I couldn’t remember what we put in the bags but it must be lots of ‘just in case things’ especially for the babies (we already had two back then).  This is not forgetting our climate-ignorance -  it was spring then but we brought along our winter coats, several of them!

In 2012 when we restarted our family travel, we decided to travel budget style and travel light.  We went backpacking.  It was an experiment. We travelled to several countries in Europe with our baby, with only ONE bag and it worked!  Now it has become our mode of travelling – TRAVEL LIGHT.

But, how do you travel light when you are with kids?

Some parents make travel so complicated when it involves kids. The clothes,  children food and some parents actually take cooking apparatus (pots and pans) with them to prepare the kids’ food. It is okay but to travel light, some ‘necessary things’ probably could be left at home.

Travelling light in our terms is travelling with only one or two bags - no check-in luggage, only cabin bags.


How to do it?

  1. Decide to wash your clothes regularly. I wash our clothes every time I take my shower. This way, we don’t have to fill our bags with extra clothes.
  2. Choose the lighter, smaller version. Not only clothes, it also applies to anything when we travel. Furthermore, lighter shirts dry faster. There are lots of light strollers that can be one-hand operated.
  3. Buy what you can buy. We seldom bring our food from home.  Hmm… I think we never did that. We could then have more room for other things and it makes for lighter packing too. We trained our kids not to be fussy eaters. Even though we are in a country with limited choice of halal food, we could have fresh fruits in a worst case scenario.
  4. Become minimalist. Limit the space and weight of the bags. Don’t allow for more if you already reach the limit.
  5. Go digital. I love to read and as preparation to travel, I download books I would like to read in my iBooks. It also applies to the travel books.  An iPad mini is easier to bring than a thick travel book unless it is a map which is lighter, right?
  6. Cool in the same outfit. I do not mind wearing the same shirt to the different events and days (I wash them, remember?). We mix and match, and it’s more interesting if we travel during winter. Can you guess why?
  7. Put first things first. Medicine versus toy, for example. We probably choose to be ‘digital travelers’ with gadgets for each of the kids, just to calm them down, especially during the long haul flights.

Travelling light, even with kids is not impossible. We love to travel light as it give us more freedom to move around and we love to backpack. We usually move from one place to another and packing light helps us to pack and unpack very easily.

You should try travelling light someday, with your kids. It is a lot of fun!



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