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I Love Buying Clothes For My Kids..Do You?

by Intan
Posted on 04 July 2012

I love buying clothes for my kids. Like really, really love

I don’t know whether to blame myself or blame the abundance of cute clothes that are available in the malls and online. Sometimes I ask myself maybe it is because I want to compensate for all the clothes that my mother never buy for me when I was younger. But come to think of it, my mother was and still is a frugal person while I shop like I have truckloads of money at home!

To make it worse, I have a daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I love the munchkin so much but having a daughter means you will be easily enticed by all those gorgeous dresses, flowery headbands that can be seen from miles away, tulle skirts that look so uber cute you just cannot resist them and glittery shoes that you think will make your daughter adorable. I am even a guilty of buying more clothes for my daughter compared to my eldest son. I mean what’s there to buy for boys? It’s the same old thing of shirts and jeans over and over again.

Sometimes I realize that my kids’ clothes are even worth more than my own clothes. Seriously how can this be since the clothes use less fabric? Is it because the clothes look cuter? But still, this doesn’t stop me from buying clothes.

I also have this habit where I don’t like my kids wearing the same clothes on different occasion. Say, if we have a birthday party that we have to attend, I will buy the kids new clothes and if on the following week we have another occasion that we have to attend, I will again go crazy searching for the perfect clothes. Honestly, I don’t know why I am doing that because they are two different occasions and nobody will even know the kids are wearing different clothes!

Maybe some people will say I am superficial but I would like to think what my kids wear represent their identity and character to other people since I choose their clothes. I sincerely think it is okay if nobody gets this but it gives me satisfaction knowing that I select the clothes with care and consideration.

I only wish I have a bigger bank account though so I can buy more clothes for the kids! All hail to the rocking shirts and pretty dresses!

So who wants to go shopping with me? grin


My mini fashionita with glittery shoes!

See, I’m not kidding…with flowery headband that can be seen from miles away!

The T-shirt and jeans guy!

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