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I Tell Stories

by Caroline Cuinet-Wellings
Posted on 10 January 2013

In life, there are big moments. These big moments can be exciting, scary, life changing. These big moments are made of little ones, little actions, little gestures that matter all the same. Do you remember the episode of Friends where Chandler is getting married? He is freaking out, and Ross manages to make him go through the day to get ready by telling him to do the little things that are not scary.

Today, second of January, I have no idea what my new year resolutions are and I am not trying very hard to come up with any. To be honest, I can’t even get over the fact that it is 2013 and that my little girl is nealry 4, and that she goes to school! How did I get here again? Where has the time gone?

As we had moved to a new country, turned our lives upside down, I had no idea how my child would cope. It turns out, she is the one who settled the quickest. The excitement of starting school, wearing a uniform and meeting new people made my little girl’s first day at school one of the biggest moments in her life. I wanted to record that: the pride and the excitement on her face, the care in her gestures and the confidence in her walk.

Recording big moments with photography is quite an intimate thing for me. Details count, small things count, just as much as the big picture. One day, I will look back at these photos and maybe, I won’t remember what was said, maybe I will not remember the sound of her voice, but I will remember the pride, and the excitement on my face as she was getting everything ready the evening before school; I will remember with how much care she hung her dress on the back of the chair.

I will also feel a little pinch in my heart and a smile on my face, as I look back at the image I captured of her walking away from me, confidently marching towards a whole new, big world of adventures.


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