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It’s His 3rd Birthday! And Mummy Is Obsessed With His Cake(s) Again!

by MayTM
Posted on 27 February 2013

The beginning of each year has been the most hectic part of my year ever since Ryan arrived. This is mainly because January is his birth month and I would be preparing his birthday cake(s). I have been obsessed with fondant decorated cakes since his first birthday cake and I’d been trying to polish up my skills at home. Since I’ve decided to be a SAHM (stay-at-home Mum), I would like to start a little baking business of my own smile

Going back to Ryan’s cake, my initial plan was to make his favorite cartoon character; Mickey Mouse, but sadly, it’s actually much much harder than it looks. My Mickey didn’t quite turn out quite as cute! So while I was wondering if I should continue with that idea, his other favourite character; Lighting McQueen from the Cars cartoon struck me. I started to research online for more ideas. Usually McQueen cake is the car itself but I was thinking of making something a bit more ‘complicated’. After all, this will be his first birthday cake in Nursery; this passionate mummy wants to do something a little over the top.

Before that, Ryan will be having a family dinner with his grandparents. So, I did a simpler version i.e. cupcakes with a train fondant topper (with 3 wagons behind for 3 candles). Here it is - the ‘lazy’ version:


And this is the cake for his Nursery:

It’s based on characters from Cars1; Mack the trailer (Moist chocolate cake as the trailer) with fondant figurines of Lighting McQueen, Sally Carrera and Tow Mater. I even painstakingly did the racing tracks as the cake board base! I was totally obsessed with making it ‘real’.

The happiness in Ryan’s eyes is priceless. I’m glad he enjoyed his cakes and so did his classmates too!  I tricked the little ones into having more chocolate cakes….hope they did not get a MEGA sugar rush! Well, I actually reduced the sugar since I home-made the cake.

Even for Ryan’s party packs, I’d prepared homemade Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies for the children. I hope to promote healthy party packs instead of sweets and jellies. I like to start them young wink

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