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Juggle Juggle!

by MayTM
Posted on 13 November 2013

Being parents is all about juggling our time. Whether you are a working parent or not, having kids really changes our time and freedom.

The reason I’m saying so is because recently I’d started a small time bake-from-home ‘business’. The main reason for doing so was actually due to interest (and also to prove to myself that I’m ‘useful’). Baking & cake decorating had intrigued me over the years and I thought why not expand my skills and challenge myself with different kind of requests.

Over the past few months, I had orders varying from simple frosted cakes to cute cartoon characters and more. It has been pretty satisfying to make these cakes comes to life and see the happiness on my clients’ faces.

But to be honest,  it is really time consuming. And whenever I am working on a cake/figurine (I am into fondant decorations),  I literally had to ‘ignore’ my kids!!  I felt terrible for having to leave them to entertain themselves with toys.


When I tried to do it after they go to bed,  there are only a few hours available before I have to hit the bed too!  So in the end, I cut back on orders so I can have more time with the kids.

I realize that despite how much I love what I do, despite how good it makes me feel, I still choose to spend more time with my kids. I can gain so much by doing all sorts of activities with them i.e. flash cards, reading, playing, strolling in the park, etc….and all this takes time and energy!!  wink


I believe as parents, these are the little sacrifices we can make for them, especially at this tender age, their brains are like sponges and their love is pure and simple. Securing a tight knit bond will help a lot in our future communication.


Lately, I am also looking at parenting help books. Reading up helps me to improve myself.

Having said so, I still do very limited cake orders… and also I still have my own ‘me’ time at the gym, drinks with my girlfriends and mummy friends to keep my sanity…. Mummies deserve a break too! smile


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