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Juggling Two Kids is no Joke!

by MayTM
Posted on 17 July 2012

Alas, out of my confinement, into a ‘nightmare’ zone! Haha…

It has been a long 28 days of confinement. Growing up in a family which follows most of the typical confinement rules, I am too, subjected to the ‘torture’. Well, I do believe in some of the “pantang” i.e. no washing hair, eat tons of gingery food, drink wine & brandy, no direct ‘wind’ (from the fan) etc… The list can go on and on. To be honest, I was more afraid to go through confinement than labour itself! (I was very blessed with a relatively smooth delivery for both my children grin ). Although I know some of the “pantangs” are beneficial, it was still a difficult period. Being confined at home is good for recuperation from childbirth, but after 2 weeks, things do get a tad boring, minus the hectic life of having to take care of a toddler and a newborn.

My oh my…nobody told me having 2 kids is tough! I’m literally knocked off every chance I have with my sweet bed…haha. I always think having more children should get easier as parents become more experienced. I am so wrong, more means double trouble!

After my Confinement Lady left, things got really chaotic. It took us (my mom, maid, hubby and me) some time to get used to having another baby at home. Caring for them seemed to be a never ending task! Adding up to the stress, breast feeding is another challenge. I’m not like some mommies who are really blessed with loads of supply. I’d to ‘boost’ my supply with lots of soup, nutritious food etc and I realized that stress reduces supply! Luckily, I’m blessed with a very good support system. Despite having to wake up in the middle of the night to pump (missing a pump session means reduction in milk supply), I usually get to have a power nap in the evening. smile

Alyssa is 2.5 months old already. However, she still takes about 8 feeds a day. Daddy had been pampering her by carrying her most of the time, especially during the weekends. Hence, she’ll only sleep if she’s being carried!! Yea, bad news for mommy during the weekdays! But it’s still the sweetest thing to see hubby being a doting daddy to his little honeybun.

On the hand, we have a super active 2.5 year old Ryan. He has unlimited energy, super-active non-stop from the time he’s awake until – oh well, he naps/sleeps. Hubby and I planned to place him in a pre-school when he turns 3. That’s why we decided to let him join a playgroup for now. Although it’s only twice a week, but it’s a good way to introduce him to other toddlers, learn how to interact and play with other children, grasp some basic discipline i.e. listen to instruction. Toddlers have very short attention span. So, activities with them have to be short and simple whilst educational. I have to accompany him for these playgroups, but it’s worth it. It gives us some mother and son bonding time, something I’d missed out during his first 2 years of his life (I was working then). However, not every moment is flowery. No matter how much I enjoy the company of my son, he sometimes does drive me up the wall!! The defiant nature of a toddler! I’d to constantly remind him not to do this, not to climb here, not to touch that etc…. Even after a lecturing session, the next day he’ll do it all over again. Threatening him with a rotan doesn’t work either (trying hard not to use it)! Perhaps he is seeking attention, perhaps he is envious over the attention given to his baby sister. However, what surprises me was this little boy does show gentleness, love and care towards his little sister.

Call this momma insane - despite all the dramas; I still love my little ones dearly. There’s no room to give up. After all, they are special gifts granted to my family. Looks like this ‘slavery’ is going to continue many years ahead and yes, I love it. And because of all this, I love my parents even more each day!! It’s true that you’ll never understand what your parents went through for you, until you become a parent yourself.

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