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Little Ashton Calls Mommy Amber Chia “Honey”

by Amber Chia
Posted on 11 April 2012

I realize that I want to spend more time with Ashton. He gets very clingy and misses me a lot these days. Ashton is a real mommy’s boy you know. He wants to follow me around all the time and insists on hugging and kissing me every so often.

I had planned to cut down more on assignments even back when I just had Ashton but somehow things just got busier and busier. I am really going to rethink my work demands.

It is so much fun watching Ashton grow up. He picks up words very fast. I always call my husband “honey” and he imitates me by calling my husband, “Papa honey, come!” Sometimes, he will also call me honey instead of mommy as my husband calls me that. He can pronounce “honey” very clearly and I can’t help laughing every time I hear him say that. He is so adorable, my little darling Ashton! People tell me that he can talk very well for his age. We pillow-talk - he tells me a lot of things every night before he sleeps. I don’t understand some of his talk but these are our wonderful bonding times.

Ashton has a mind of his own. He knows what he wants and will ask for them. There is an ice cream van that passes by my house at about 4 o’clock every day. He goes “Mommy, ice cream” even before the van is at the house. I think he can sense the time because every time he says this, the van will arrive about 2 minutes later. He loves ice cream, bananas, hot dogs and bread. He picks the pair of shoes he wants to wear when we go out. He is a big fan of Angry Birds so my house is full of Angry Bird toys. When he cannot get me to understand what he is saying, he will pull me to the place where the things are and point them out to me.

So far, he knows he has to go to the toilet to poo but sometimes in the afternoon and evening, he doesn’t. Sometimes, he will tell my maid when he wants to do it; “Grace, Ashton poo poo”. He learns very fast. For example, when he said, “Grace poo poo”,  I corrected him with “Grace is not going to poo poo” “Ashton is going to poo poo”.  Then he said “Ashton poo poo” and later “Grace, Ashton poo poo”. So now he starts saying that properly.

Ashton just stopped using the pacifier. I started training him by refusing to give it to him whenever he asked for it. After awhile, he stopped asking for it. I would say that he is a smart boy. He knows how to behave sometimes. He used to cry when I go out but now I tell him that “Mommy is going to work, you stay at home with Grace, okay? Mommy will come back tonight and play with you”. I am surprised you know when he just looked at me for a moment and then said “Mommy bye-bye”, kissed me and went away to play. So I think he can understand me. I really appreciate that he is a good boy.

I sent him to one of the play school for the trial class. It was quite funny because he can speak better and learn faster than the others in the class. The teacher was teaching them words like “walk” and “run” which Ashton already knows. When she taught him how to throw the ball and pick it up,  Ashton told her: “No! Kick ball ball” and “Shoot ball ball”. I was laughing and tried to tell him to listen to the teacher . We have a basket ball pole in our house and he has been shooting the ball into the basket. Also halfway into the class, he tells me “Bye bye” which means the class is boring and he wants to leave.  He tried out the slides but had to push himself down faster. It was too slow for him as he is used to the 10 ft adult slides at the playground where he goes to. He doesn’t know the word boring yet so he said “Raining, bye bye bye BYEEeeee”. Now the school has asked me to send him to the 2 year old class because he learns slightly faster than others in language and activities.


Ashton is really very sweet. Yesterday, my husband said he missed me so he called me and put Ashton on the phone. Ashton said: “Mommy, where where”. I cooed: “Mommy is working in Penang. Be a good boy yah and Mommy will be back tomorrow” and he understood me. My husband told me he crawled upstairs looking for me and asked him where I was.  I think he tries to understand us. Each time I talk to him, he tries to understand me which is good because he is learning. I try to teach him Mandarin as well. When I point to a picture of a horse and ask him what it is, he will say “Horse” and when I ask him the same question in Mandarin, he will reply in Mandarin “Ma”. He knows how to differentiate the two languages a bit. He understands English more. When I speak Mandarin to him, I speak fluent Mandarin with him so he can learn well. My Dad was here last week. Ashton recognized him and talked to him. Ashton likes to play with children who are older than him. Two days ago when we were shopping, he spotted another kid and tried to strike up a conversation. The kid did not understand him so he hugged and kissed him and they became friends. Ashton is very sociable and makes friends easily.


My little darling loves the runway. When we were doing a show for Sketchers recently, I had my hands full trying to keep him away from the stage. I had planned to carry him during the show but he made me put him down and he pulled me along with him down the runway. He even stopped at the end of the runway which I think is so amazing. Some of the papers reported that “Ashton took Amber on the runway” not the other way around! He was so excited you know.


He jumps a lot now. He will say “One two three, jump!” He can pick up some alphabets now like A, B, C, D, E. I have a Facebook game that uses Flash Cards so I think he learns a lot from that. I think kids have better memories. I only tell him things once or twice and he remembers. It is not that difficult really to teach him. He remembers some of my friend’s names especially Ben, my business partner. There was once when Ben made bird sounds to frighten poor little Ashton and I told him off. Now Ashton will sometimes tell me “Uncle Ben, scared scared. “Piak Uncle Ben” (Chinese for “smack”). He can remember things even though he sees them only once.

He is also getting vain you know. He likes to look at himself in the mirror. He will check himself out in the mirror after I have dressed him up for going out. My fridge has a mirror and he loves that.

Ashton is getting to be more independent. He picks up his shoes after taking them off. He can eat on his own quite well. There is so much less mess after the meal. I feel that we have to let kids do things for themselves even though they make a mess as that is how they will learn. For example, when he was having dinner with us at an event the other day, my friends commented that he was good with the fork and spoon. I told them that I started him young. As a mother, my advice is to encourage your kids do things for themselves because that is the only way they can learn. They also learn from practice and mistakes. Whatever they want to try, they want to learn. I let Ashton play with ice and now he knows that ice melts and he will tell me “ice no more”. I think it is good for your kids to learn from play and experiment. All kids are curious about things around them and so long as they are not dangerous, it is good for them to explore.


I am trying to cut down on my job as I missed Ashton a lot. He is mommy’s boy. He still loves me the most and misses me the most. He can tell mommy from the maid. He will tell the maid: “Grace mop mop” when he spills water. To me, he says: “Mommy hug hug kiss kiss”.


I think Ashton is also emotionally intelligent. He can sense when we are angry. He will quieten down and do funny things to try to make us laugh again. When he wants to do something naughty, I will ask him, “What did Mommy and Papa say?” and he will reply “NO” and not do it.


He loves attention. I think all kids love attention. He loves music and will dance to it. He is excited when he has an audience. When he dances and nobody looks at him, he will ask you to look at him.

Motherhood to me is lots of fun and joy. I can’t wait for Ashton to go to school at two.


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