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Little Moment, Big Impact

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 15 February 2012

When I get too tired and busy, and my children come to me without concrete reasons (like, just to sit on my lap), I tend to say to them , “Please go away, Mommy got work to do”.  Of course, this is said unintentionally and it’s over in like 5 seconds but the impact left in their heart is like forever.

I still remember during my childhood time, I sewed a small pouch, showed it to my Mom and she said “What is this? So ugly” I felt hurt and sad. Until now I still have that feeling, even if for millions of other things I sewed, my mom told me that I’m good at it.

It was only in the blink of an eye when mum told me that the pouch I had sewn was ugly but the hurt remains till now.

When I told my children to go away to go away for me to finish my work, it might probably be interpreted by them as “Mommy’s work is more important than me”.  If they really think like that I can never blame them because I too had the same feeling every time mum and dad came back home late from work.

So it’s a little ‘bad’ moment. Let’s minimize those little bad moments and increase the frequency of little good moments. I think in our life, we always forget to ‘recognize’ good-ordinary-things as for us, it ‘should-be-done-like-that’. Thus, we seldom say thank you for shutting doors properly, for staying put during dinner let alone a ‘thank you’ to the garbage man for picking up our trash every day. But if he does not pick up the garbage properly, we might not forget to scold him or send a complaint letter.

It is true that when you do good, nobody remembers but when you do bad, nobody forgets, isn’t it?

So, we have to remember the little good things done by our children and not forget them.  Otherwise, they won’t forget bad appraisals that we give to them.


Some tips & tricks to get a little-good-impactful-moment:

  • Spend true quality time with kids even if it is only 5 minutes a day. Quality time means no distraction, the time is only for them.
  • Praise them even if it is just throwing smiles.
  • Do not focus on their weaknesses.
  • Explain if I have to do my things that I love them.

It’s pretty hard to be parents, right?


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