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Motherhood Is All About Unconditional Love to Amber Chia

by Amber Chia
Posted on 17 July 2013

Ashton and I have been busy with activities since my last blog entry.

My little darling is progressing well in school. He can even teach now smile smile smile His teacher sent me a video of Ashton teaching his classmate the name of animals. They are the same age but Ashton looks much older as he is big for his age. The video is quite funny. He is pointing out to the girl, the names of the animals on a picture card but she does not seem to be able to follow him.  Suddenly, Ashton bursts into a song: “I like it, move it, move it”! I am not sure whether he was letting go frustration or trying to liven things up. My Ashton can be so amusing at times.

Ashton playing teacher

Ashton enjoys school. He tells me he has a girlfriend in school. There is a girl there who he likes to play with. He also has a best friend as well. Sometimes when I pick him up at the school, he introduces them: “This is my best friend and this is my girlfriend”.  I think he learned a lot in school. He can recognize colours, alphabets, numbers and some words. He is going to be three at the end of September. I think the environment in Steps Ahead Learners does help them to learn things faster. I am impressed with how fast Ashton has picked up things there. Anyway, I think kids nowadays learn faster than we did when we were in school.


Ashton is a very active boy.  He complains that he is bored sometimes.  I have to think of lots of activities for him.

My husband and I took him to Legoland and Universal Studios in Singapore. We have been to Universal Studios twice. The first time we returned, he said that he wanted to go again: “ You know it is so nice, so fun Mommy. Let’s go back.” How can I refuse?  The travelling is very tiring though. I do enjoy the trips but I get exhausted because he is so active. He is at that age when he knows what he wants. He tells you what he wants and he will sometimes insist on getting his way even though I say no to him. He can think of so many reasons to justify his requests.


We also joined Ashton’s school trip to Farm in the City. It is good for his school to organize such trips for our city kids to learn about nature.


Ashton is an outdoor person. He likes going to theme parks, farms and zoos. Whenever advertisements of Hongkong Disneyland comes on TV, he goes “Mommy, you know it is soooo nice! Got Mickey Mouse. Many Mickey Mouse in Hongkong Disneyland.”  In the end, I had to promise him that we shall plan to go there next.

I took Ashton to visit my parents in Sabah too, just the two of us. We spent two weeks there. I took care of him myself and it was like working for a year but I had fun memories to take back. I make it a point to visit my parents twice a year. It is kind of like enjoying quality family time and for Ashton to know his relatives better.


Ashton is also very curious. He can ask me about 100 questions a day. Sometimes he comes up with questions that I can’t even answer. However, I still enjoy motherhood.  I don’t deny there are some difficult moments but at the end of the day, I have all good memories to keep.

Ashton is feeling kind of lonely. He has been asking me for a baby to play with when he sees that his friends at school have siblings at home. So, it is the right time for me to plan for another baby.

We just had a graduation event at Amber Chia Academy not long ago. I did not plan to have Ashton in the show as he is not a student. I thought he could just watch and enjoy the show but I was wrong. He insisted on joining the show. He went; “I Wannnt, I Wannnt…” I relented and I must say that he did pretty well.

Ashton walking the runway at ACA Graduation 2013


He enjoys modelling and being in the limelight obviously.  He has recently done some shows for Germax kidsBiotic, Quicksilver and a few others.

Ashton was in hospital for a virus infection awhile ago. That was his first first time being in hospital. It was painful for me watching him in hospital. He is a strong boy though. He did not cry but got really bored. He had to stay in the hospital until his fever went down.

From my experience, fever is something serious for kids. Mommies, you have to be really careful if your child has fever. When the temperature goes above 38 degrees Centigrade, you should think of sending them to hospital.

Actually Ashton started with a light fever which did not go away although I put on a fever pack and did everything I knew. The fever just got higher and higher and he had cramps as well. At the hospital, they gave him some jabs which did not helped. His temperature went up to 39 degrees Centigrade when we went home. So I took him back to the hospital again and he was then admitted. I was so stressed at the time. When things settled down, I cried. I think all moms are the same. They act strong in front of their kids. No one can tell how much they are hurting inside – this is the power of a mother’s love.  I am lucky Ashton is so strong. He recovered a few days later and was back to his usual happy and healthy self. He complained so much in the hospital that the doctor gave him home leave after three days but I had to send him to hospital three times a day for his antibiotics dripping. The sheer boredom of being confined to bed in a hospital room was like killing him.


Active kids like Ashton get a lot of scars from knocks and falls. We have to be extra careful as mommies. That is why I cut down on assignments so I can spend more time with him. Moreover, he is always asking me to stay home with him and I do miss him too.


Ashton just broke my iPad screen. He can be very naughty at times.  I pretend to be angry to make him understand that what he did was wrong. When he asked me not to go to work the day after, I asked him, “You broke my iPad. I have no money to buy a new iPad. So, how? I have to go to work, right?” It kind of works because he said, “Okay, Mommy go to work, Mommy buy new iPad.”


Ashton is at what mothers call the “Terrible Two” stage. The fact that he is so active makes it even harder. I can manage him but it is really tiring. I would not trade motherhood for anything else though. He is very much Mommy’s boy. When my husband hugs or kisses me, he will push him away, “No, Mommy is MINE!” He gets jealous and very protective, “No, don’t touch Mommy!” Sometimes he can be very naughty but at other times, he is so sweet. Motherhood is all about unconditional love.

I think it is the right age to teach Ashton what is right and what is wrong. I know as a Mommy, I have to be very strict when appropriate.  Ashton’s teacher tells me to be stricter but I find it difficult saying no to him or disciplining him when he is so adorable. I think I have to work hard on this. I really am training myself to be stricter. This is the part of motherhood that I am learning from Ashton and I am still learning.

He wants to look good now. Sometimes, when we go out, he chooses his own outfit and shoes. He also loves wearing hats and glasses. He still has that cute hair style and has his own favourite hair stylist at Centro Hair Salon in The Gardens. He would insist that Cat Cheh Cheh cuts his hair. Centro Hair Salon is my sponsor as well so they do Ashton’s hair too. Ashton does not like me to cut his hair. He says, “Mommy cut hair not nice. Mommy is Mommy. Mommy is not cut hair one”. When his hair gets a bit long, I will just trim it a little but he will protest. He can also ask me, “Later I not handsome, how?” This is one of the times that I don’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.


I can’t wait for Ashton to turn three. Actually, he already asked me to plan for his birthday.  He always asks me, “Mommy, my birthday is in September. Do you know?” Every time we are at a birthday celebration, he will say, “It is not my birthday yet. My birthday is in September, coming soon.” In fact, he can’t wait for his birthday. I think I will hold a birthday party.


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