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Mother’s Day Comes Early for Amber Chia

by Amber Chia
Posted on 01 May 2015

I was at the Asia Model Festival Awards 2015 in Seoul, Korea but had to rush back to attend Ashton’s School Day. My little darling sang and danced in the show they had put up for us, parents. There was also an auction for their artwork and I bought Ashton’s “masterpiece” of a Spiderman ball grin

I had been quite busy in April and it is good that I have more free time for Ashton now. It is his day-off so I am giving him all of my attention today. You know I feel guilty for being away last week. I often let him choose the activity when we go out.  We are also going to have a family lunch and I want to buy him a Spiderman toy. He asked me to get him one from Korea but I couldn’t find any.

Ashton misses me a lot when I am not around. He called me like 10 times every day when I was in Korea. I feel so sweet from his calls. He was very upset when I could not answer one of his calls. I had to explain to him that I had taken a nap as I was too tired out. I actually woke up to find eight missed calls from him!

When I am in town, he calls me when I am not home by 10:00pm. He understands that I have to work during the day but he keeps tabs on me after work. He is just like my second boyfriend. Sometimes, I get about ten calls from him in one night. He would say, “Mommy, it is already so late! Where are you?” It can be frustrating at times when I am busy at events but I enjoy the sweet feeling that he misses me. When I get home, he hugs me really tight. I want to spend as much time as possible with him so I try to cut down on my trips and travel.

Mother’s Day came early for me. Ashton gave me a ring. He said he paid for it from his ang pow money. Isn’t he such a darling? I was so touched that he bought it for me. The ring is not my style but I love it and wear it because it was given to me by my beloved son. It is just like my boyfriend buying me the first ring. When I told him that is is not Mother’s Day yet, he replied: “Mother’s Day is coming!”

He continues to do fashion shows and participates in events with me. Recently, he modelled for Lord’s Tailor at the Pavilion Fashion Week show (he stole the limelight!) and was the opening model for the Go Go Green Charity show. He also attended the opening of EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park with me. He still enjoys the runway and public events. If you ask me who Ashton is, I would reply that he is my SON, my SUPERMODEL and my BOYFRIEND smile 

I really enjoy motherhood and it changed me a lot!  It changed my lifestyle. I am inspired to work hard so that I can provide well for him. I learn from Ashton too. He grows up so fast. Every time I have been away for a few days, he had learned something new. When he bought the Mother’s Day ring for me, he said: “Girls like rings right? Girls like pink colour right?” Even though I am not a pink person, I love it so much. He keeps asking me if I like his gift. I tell him I love it each time and it makes him very happy.

He surprised me one day with this drawing of me and my husband grin

He has a lot of homework recently. Chinese schools give their students a lot of homework so my husband and I have to watch him finish his homework every day. Even though he does not like it, we have to persuade him to finish it. Sometimes, it is a struggle, “Mommy I don’t like Chinese!” I think he is picking up Mandarin well. Sometimes when we see certain words, he will tell me, “Mommy I know this word. I wrote it before.” I feel proud of him and encourage him with praises. He has grown to love his new school because he has made some friends already. He has a new girl friend now smile  “Mommy,  big girls don’t like to talk to boys right?”  Big girls meant that the girl is one year older than him.  I replied, “Ya… kind of.”  “My girl friend talks to me now.  Last time, she doesn’t talk to me. Now she talks to me. We are good friends now.”

Ashton is a very sociable kid, he gets along well with kids and adults alike.

Sometimes, he joins me at my Academy’s modelling classes.

He is not an Angry Bird fan anymore. He likes Spiderman now. I think kids are like that at different ages. I think Ashton is at the Superheroes age. I bought him some books for games. I think they are good for learning too. He just asked me for a pen to draw.

I sent him to art class at George de art and he had a great time!

He is more of a Papa boy now. One of the reasons is that Papa spends more time with him. He is also at the Superheroes age and Papa can talk and play superheroes with him. I am a “girl” - I cannot fight with him anymore and I am always telling him not to fight. I played a few fighting games with him and he hurt me. He is strong, my boy. We celebrated my husband’s birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary together recently.

Ashton is still my sweetheart! He is the first person I want to see, the first person I want to kiss, the first person I miss. Ya, I really enjoy motherhood. My son makes me happy and laugh. It is good to see Ashton enjoying life, a healthy happy boy asking a lot of questions. Sometimes I don’t even know the answer: “When people die where they go?”,  “Who is God?”, “How does God look like?” I enjoy the questions though as we get to understand and know each other better. We are still having our pillow talks. I hope that our good communication will continue forever.


Mother’s Day is coming so I would to wish all mommies, “Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy motherhood!

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