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New Year 2013 Greetings From Amber Chia

by Amber Chia
Posted on 31 December 2012

Motherhood gets more rewarding every day! Ashton understands more of what I say and is so much more cooperative these days.  It seems like only yesterday that I had a hard time trying to explain things to him and he would ask questions that I don’t know how to answer. I can remember when he would insist on a Monday that it was Friday and therefore Theme Park day. He would go; “No Mommy, TODAY IS FRIDAY! Why today is not Friday?”

Christmas has just passed. I bought him some gifts and he loves them. Of course, it had to be Angry Bird toys. You know, our whole house is full of Angry Bird toys. He is still very much Mommy’s boy. He is so attached to me but most people tell me he is a good boy. They say he listens to me but of course when he gets emotional, he doesn’t. I think all kids behave like that when they don’t have enough sleep or are tired. They get very emotional and they don’t listen to you but sometimes when they are in a good mood, they are so sweet and so nice. I really feel that my little Ashton is a good and adorable boy.

My mom was here for the holidays and she just went back home. My mom and Ashton are just like two big babies to me. My mom who is about 60 years old and Ashton who is 2 years and 4 months old “fight” a lot. Ashton speaks English and my mom, Chinese so they are like a chicken and a duck talking to each other. Situations can get hilarious for example when my mom tells him to “choong liang” which means bathe in Chinese and little Ashton replies, “No, I want shower”. They bicker like this all the time. The good thing is Ashton learned some Mandarin and my mom, some English. I believe both of them had a wonderful time though. She Skypes me and tells me she wants to see my son.

I think Ashton is just the kind of boy that everyone loves to be with because he has the gift of the gap and a sense of humour even at his young age. He received lots of gifts and sponsorships during Christmas. wink

Ashton can speak so well now. I am really impressed. When I was away, he could carry on a conversation with me on the phone. He even asked me what time I will be home although he can’t tell the time yet. He is very inquisitive, always asking questions about everything. When I am talking to my friends in Mandarin, he will ask: “Mommy what are you saying? I don’t understand Mandarin. What is your friend saying? Mommy, can you tell me what happened?” He is like a 100-question baby! It is so amazing how fast he learns. I want to send him to a Chinese school when he is three years old so that he doesn’t feel left out when my friends are around.

Ashton’s school held a Christmas concert. The performance by the children aged 3 years and above went well but the one by the 2 to 3 years old kids was chaotic. They all did their own thing instead of dancing to the song as taught; my little Ashton danced Oh Gangnam style, some just walked about, some cried when they saw their parents, etc. It was funny but they were adorable though. We had a party after the concert and parents had to bring food.  I made hot dogs and fish balls!

Ashton has a good memory. He doesn’t let you forget your promises. Yesterday, he came to my room to wake me up with his reminder, “Mommy I want to go to Times Square Theme Park”. It was packed the day before and I had told him that we would go there the next morning. When I did not respond, he climbed onto my bed and reiterated his request until I agreed to take him there.

He can talk logically and carry on a sensible conversation now. He became more talkative after he started school. His table manners are amazing. He behaves really well when he eats. He can sing more songs now. He loves to sing and dance. I think he learned how to dance in school. He knows how to use my iPad to watch kids’ singing on Youtube. Sometimes, he will ask, “Mommy, can you download this song for me please?” When the 3G connection is slow he will tell me, “There is no wifi” or “The wifi is sooo slow”. My little Ashton is already tech savvy!

Ashton notices the different attire other kids in his school wear. One day, he asked me if he can have a pair of yellow Adidas shoes just like what his friend at school wears. When I told him he already has a blue pair, he still insists that he wants a yellow pair. I was shocked that he can ask me to buy him Adidas shoes when he is only two years old!

You know Ashton has a mind of his own. I can’t change his mind when he has decided on something. For instance, he wears his Pony shoes to the pasar malam. He won’t listen to my advice on wearing slippers because it is too hot at the pasar malam to wear Pony shoes.  He insists that Pony shoes are nicer and more comfortable. He looks so funny wearing Pony shoes with T-shirt and short pants. grin

At the end of each year, I normally plan what I want to do the next year. I always believe that when you plan, things will happen. I am planning to have a baby girl in 2014 so I hope to be pregnant after June next year. If I have a girl, I can close my “production house”. I just want one son and one daughter but if I were to have another boy, I would have no choice but to try for a third baby. I don’t want to have too many children and not being able to provide for them properly. Education these days is very expensive and I am thinking of 13 or 20 years time. Besides, most people nowadays have a Bachelor’s degree so a Master’s degree may become the basic qualification to have in future. I come from a big family. My parents have 6 children and they could not afford to give us all a good education.  I faced a lot of difficulties when I came out to work with only a secondary education. I don’t want my children to face the same difficulties that I had. Even if I have 3 boys, I think I will still close my “production house”. I planned a 4 year gap so that I have a baby to play with when Ashton has grown up. Ashton can help to look after the baby too because he will be 4 then. smile

I have 3 dogs in the house. Ashton treats my dogs like toys. He sometimes asks my poodle, Ford to dance. Even though I tell him that Ford can’t dance, he will insist that Ford dance Oh Gangnam style with him. He twirls around Oh Gangnam style, holding Ford up on his hind legs.

Next year I will be travelling to Korea for work and also to London for a holiday with Ashton as my husband will be there for work. After June, I will slow down to try for a baby. That is what I plan to do for next year. I even visited my gynaecologist yesterday to make sure everything is okay for my plan. I always believe that when we plan and pray for the best, everything will turn up as you want.

I just cleared my storeroom two days ago because my younger sister is pregnant. My storeroom is filled up to the ceiling. I realized that 90 per cent of the stuff in there is baby stuff and toys. I gave some to my sister and the rest to the orphanage.  I advised my sister not to buy new baby stuff as most of the stuff can only be used for 6 months. I always advocate recycling things.

I also believe that the orphanage needs the toys more than Ashton. At the same time, I want to teach Ashton to share and give whilst he is still young. My little Ashton has a generous spirit. When I tell him, “Give Cheh Cheh (Chinese for elder sister) and Kor Kor (Chinese for elder brother) who have no mothers and fathers”, he will respond, “Yes, give to all the Cheh Chehs and Kor Kors who have no Mamas and Papas. Ashton got Papa and Mama”.  Sometimes, he will even tell me that he wants to give his toys away to the orphanage without any prompting. I am really proud of my little darling Ashton.

I wish everyone all the best in 2013, dreams come true and most importantly good health. My dreams and hope every year are very simple; I don’t know if you believe me but I just want my husband and family, and everyone around me to be healthy because I believe health is the most important thing in life. Once you have health, you are truly blessed.

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