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New Year Is Here!

by MayTM
Posted on 02 January 2014

Heading towards a brand new year! For the whole of last year, only Ryan attended kindergarten whilst Alyssa (my younger girl) stayed at home. This year she will be attending a play school, conducted twice weekly. And mummy has to accompany her. I’m feeling really excited for her as so far, her growing up days were usually spent with us, her family and a few of Ryan’s kindergarten friends. Now that she’s older, she can join a play group.

I used to take Ryan to this play school and he enjoyed it. For toddlers this age, they get to mix around with other toddlers, improving their social circle. They learn how to take up simple responsibilities i.e. cleaning up after play time. After that, they have simple arts and craft sessions where they learn simple colouring, pasting, sticking, stringing, etc. There is also a short snack time whereby the children will learn to self feed and help out with simple tidying up chores. And lastly, there will be a short circle time which involves music and movement, storytelling and simple group activities. All these activities are done in 2 hours as toddlers this age has short attention span. For the year end, the play school even had a year-end party for the kids where they had so much fun playing musical chairs, pass the ball, pretend to sing and dance on the stage!

I find this program is really interesting and useful for toddlers as it is like an introduction towards nursery level. Besides that, the play school also encourages the parent(s) to be the accompanying adult (instead of grandparents or maids). When Ryan attended this play school, we build a very close bond and enjoyed every moment of it. Since he started nursery, I do miss him (even it’s for 4 hours only!). That is why I am looking forward to spending more quality bonding time with Alyssa this year as the following year she too will embark into the nursery world.

Ryan only joined the play school at the second half of the year but he had done so much. Here are some pictures to share when he was at the play school. Enjoy!


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