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Oops, I Did It Again! – How to Switch Bag without Forgetting Anything

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 02 November 2011

I don’t have many handbags but switching my bag from office-bag to diaper-bag, to casual hand-bag, often makes me forget stuff. Don’t be surprised that I lost my house key and parking card when they were actually safely placed inside my other bags.

Should I just stick to only one bag? I don’t think so.

So, how to switch bags without missing anything?

  1. Doraemon pocket
    Put important things in a burlap bag, so that it is easier to switch from one bag to another, simply by taking the bag out and in. But, the cons is when you miss the burlap bag, you left everything out!
  2. Bag station Set a corner in your house as a ‘bag-switching’ station.  When all your bags are available at one place, it is easier for you to transfer your stuff.
  3. Checklist
    Prepare a checklist of what you should have in each of your bags so that you won’t forget in which bag you’ve put your stuff in.
  4. Plan ahead
    Pack your things a day or a night before. It is easier to pack things when you’re not in hurry.
  5. All for one, one for all
    Make all important stuff available in all bags you have. Sounds silly but it works especially when you’re always in hurry. The ‘stuff’ should exclude your IC!

The most important things that should always be in any of my bags are my cellphone and wallet. I can cope if I forget my children’s diapers or extra clothes as they can be bought anytime grin And I’ll make sure I have a pen and a book. They’re important to kill boredom while waiting in front of the counter.


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I’m facing the same problem too…but now I’m planning to get a bag organiser

By feneca on 2011 11 05

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