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Outdoor Activities

by MayTM
Posted on 08 July 2014

Ever since the kids were comfortable in the water, it has been part of our family weekly activity – Swimming!

And lately, my 4 year old finally wants to explore cycling (again). We did try to introduce it to him earlier this year but after a fall at the speed bump (a tiny one), he refused to cycle again (Arggh…).  Hubby got creative and purchased a new pair of roller blades, something he used to do in his younger days. LOL! Both father and son now ride and skate together.  After a while, my boy loves it and he can’t stop asking his daddy to take him out cycling.

The only little problem is my 2 year old. She does not want to be left out! So hubby got me a new bike with a toddler carrier (Note: I have not cycled for more than 15 years!!). Yes, yes… they say cycling is like swimming;  once you learnt it, you won’t forget it…..but I did grin

So it was quite a daunting task for me to ride with my girl (the extra weight is not helping). Somehow, mummy made it!


It feels really good to bring the kids out, either to swim or to cycle. And its great as the kids are sweating it out - doing something that we hope contributes to their overall well-being. I personally feel that it is an accomplishment to watch my kids jumping with joy for these activities rather than having their eyes stuck to the idiot box or at the latest technology gadget.  I am also glad my husband is able to spend quality time with the kids….BIG Hurray!!

See how comfortable my 2 year old is smile


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