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Poo Baby Poo!

by Intan
Posted on 04 January 2012

I have 5 younger siblings, but never once in my life have I ever cleaned their stools. Well, except once when my youngest sister was 3 and I had to clean up her poo as my mother was not at home. Guess what I did? While holding my breath, I took the toilet brush (yes, the one that you use to clean toilet bowls) and as careful as I could I cleaned her using that brush!  Maybe, that’s what being “geli” can do to you and maybe, that’s why my mother never asked me to wash my other siblings’ stools ever again.

So imagine my horror when I have to clean my eldest son’s poo for the first time; nearly 5 years ago. Well, it was in the hospital and to my utter amazement, I felt okay. Thank goodness for wet wipes - everything is clean and dandy less than a minute. One of the best thing about breastfeeding is that the baby’s poo does not have that usual foul smell. And of course armed with water spray and wet wipes, cleaning baby stools have never been so easy peasy!

But then of course as he grew older, his stools also have rapidly ‘developed’ from dourless to foul smell that can linger yards away. And from wet wipes to straight to the toilet, my son has really grown!

Really, I’m sorry if you found this entry disgusting. Anyway, this entry is inspired by my son who has problems passing his stools these past few days. I have forced him to drink more water and eat more fruits but of course, he won’t listen!

By the way I was just wondering, how did you deal with your baby’s stools for the first time? Are you okay with it or are you just like me who used to force hubby to clean up baby’s poo?

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