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Preparing Space to Hold Our Children’s Emotions

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 13 March 2013

We used to sleep in the same room and had their things in our room (we were practising attachment parenting though). But when the boys got bigger, they made me understand that they need their own space.

This applies especially for Hafiy who is just one year older than his brother, Fahry. They grew up together in about the same phases. We have two boys who need ‘space’ to let out their emotions.

The space is actually in our heart. Whenever they throw tantrums with a little spark from the little one, Danny (and it’s a ‘double tantrum’ anyway), it is enough to create a chaotic environment here. *Grin*


So I decided to be receptive. It is not just accepting the tantrums. As a receptor, I should be able to connect with other external things to make something out of it.  Initially, I did not know how to do it nor did I know what to expect from it.

When children starts to show off their emotions, parents usually feel they are ‘a failure’. We, parents, always want our children to be happy all the time and tantrums do affect the parents’ emotions.

So, turning ourselves into receptors, we accept the tantrums and change them into something more fun. When my boys start to make noise (at home), I join in the fun and we would start to sing together, LOUDLY.

Creating a ‘space’ for our children’s emotions is merely having a little space in our heart to accept their sentiments without judgement and embrace them as a phase. We will be more positive then.

There are a few schools of thoughts and ways that offer different learning styles and personal growth in parenting. It can be either struggle or joy. The bottom line is to know and to admit that our children are okay, and they are so normal for having their own ups and downs.

Parenting is fun!


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