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Puasa and Breastfeeding Challenge

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 29 August 2012

Month of Syawal is here again! All Malaysians celebrate Hari Raya. This is the beauty of being a Malaysian. Malays, Chinese, Indians and all other races celebrate festivals together as 1Malaysia smile

I would like to share my experience as a breastfeeding mother; experiencing Ramadhan (fasting month for Muslims). This is my 5th year nursing my little ones whilst fasting.

Some Muslim mothers feel anxiety entering Ramadhan because fasting prohibits us from eating and drinking. Just imagine craving for food and drink everyday! Even skipping meals might affect the milk production… then how do we survive without all these routines?

Fortunately, Muslim mothers did it since then. Many experience no change in their milk production. Even though some might see their milk dwindle, there is an excuse for nursing mums to break their fast if the milk is insufficient for feeding the little ones.

In my case, this year is among the best year ever. My little baby (he is not little anymore, actually) has already move to new classroom at the nursery where he has other wonderful activities, and the milk sessions has not been as frequent as in the baby class. So I did not face the under supply problem.

However,  if the mother is fit, not getting pregnant again, get enough fluid and nutritional food, enough rest, enough activities, and happy… the milk supply won’t get worse. Even last year, I stashed away a lot of milk in my freezer during Ramadhan.

Guess what makes this year’s Ramadhan more beautiful?

My story had been featured in a famous local newspaper!


It has been put together with my dear friend, Madam Suraya who is an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant). What an honour! Breastfeeding rocks!

I shared my story and tips on how to maintain milk production during Ramadhan. It’s all about back to basics – fulfill our bodies need, not our stomachs’ grin

It is the most challenging month in a year if I may say so. It is so difficult to juggle between the normal routine and additional customs which only happen during Ramadhan – sahur , buka puasa and terawih. I don’t prepare breakfast for normal weekdays but during Ramadhan I have to wake up earlier than usual to prepare food for sahur. And normally, we have late dinner but during Ramadhan I have to cook for buka puasa and there is no chance for late dinner as we reserve the time for terawih.

I guess all Muslim mothers face the same challenge except for those who have maids or do not cook at home.

However,  it might not change the breastfeeding routine. Pumping and direct feeding go on as usual. There may even be an additional pumping session if the milk supply depletes.

For breastfeeding mums out there and breastfeeding mums-to-be, treat fasting as a normal routine and let’s walk the breastfeeding talk!


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