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Recycling Presents for Christmas

by Mamapumpkin‏
Posted on 21 December 2011

Tis’ the season of merry making and good cheer arriving once again at the speed of light, as mothers all get busy to make Christmas as special as possible for the children, for the needy and for the families……….why is it always the Moms who do most of the work???

Christmas is right around the corner and I have not organised a single thing this Christmas due to my octopus inspired schedule but one thing we definitely need to get done before we go away for the Christmas holiday is to make Gingerbread Cookies and get the presents under the tree. Gosh, I haven’t even bought or made any presents! I don’t even have a list! What am I to do? If only I could pay someone to do this for me. These days outsourcing seems an attractive option. Being a working Mom, I do miss time. I miss time with my kids, I miss time doing things to make things special for my kids. But what I really wanted to touch on today was how all the shopping malls are going big with sales and promotions for the big year end money making commercial kill – did you know that it is this time of the year that most shops make their money for the entire year??? I kid you not. Turnover for some of the shops are half a million Ringgit per month, some a few million; just imagine all the children who are just fighting to stay alive for the lack of food? Yet, we are all going out to buy NEW toys and clothes and whatever else for presents to look pretty under the Christmas Tree…….

My suggestion (if I may), is that mothers should exchange or sell used toys (or whatever) to each other and tell their kids that Santa Claus is into a big recycling project this year. And how wonderful is that, for Santa to do a recycling gift exchange. Tell your kids that some other kid on this planet had once loved this toy and now, you, the lucky chosen one gets it! Honestly, kids don’t know any better and if it isn’t in a box, so what? They still get the joy out of playing with something they never had.

In fact, presents could be as simple as paper planes of different sizes! A whole fleet of them! Christmas shouldn’t cost a bomb and if you could make a present, all the better, but how many Moms really have the time to make things? Only the very fortunate ones……bake cookies as presents, do a simple cross-stitch of someone’s name and frame it up, give memorable framed photos, write a message and frame it up, give them an empty box and tell them it’s a magic box for them to fill with paper hearts (whenever they do a good deed, put a heart in. When they hurt someone, remove a heart), give service coupons, oh……there is so much you can do without spending a lot of money. It could be just a letter! Children need to learn that things DON’T come easy. They don’t! And the earlier you teach your kids that, the more independent and value rich your child will be.

And if you need your child to get a toy, then pick up the phone and start asking your friends what they are willing to trade/sell, then give your child a used toy/book. It also inculcates the habit of recycling in them. Spread the sharing and stop the buying. I know I’m not doing retailers a favour but until they start selling things at more reasonable prices, I will continue to build the value system in my children. Less really is best.


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