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Shopping With Kids In Tow

by Intan
Posted on 23 November 2011

I love shopping ( at times even window shopping can do wonders to my stressed soul!)  and I usually bring along my two kids if I go to the mall during the weekends.

Honestly, going out shopping at the mall is something that is always fun but when you put your own kids into that shopping experience equation, sometimes what should be enjoyable turns into a nightmare! For example, my eldest already know how to negotiate with me or my husband when it comes to buying toys for him. So you can imagine how he will be throwing tantrums and crying in the mall when he doesn’t get what he wants. Thankfully, he has not resorted to rolling his body on the floor while screaming for his desired toys. It is still kind of exasperating if every time we go to the mall, all he wants is to buy toys. Once he gets his toys, he will keep asking when we are going home because he cannot wait to play with those toys!

Shopping with my 1-year-old daughter is another experience to ‘relish’ in terms of having a running match with her inside the mall. That’s it - she hates being held on to for too long since she loves her freedom very much. Once I put her down on the floor, she will start running haywire inside the shopping mall – how scary and tiring that can be, for parents, I mean! She even laughed at me when she saw me chasing her while shouting her name. Once I catch her, I will hold her back and she will usually start screaming to be released from my hold!

Of course no shopping trip is complete without the parents bringing the stroller along. The trouble is we have only one stroller. If both kids fall asleep, only one can be put inside the stroller and the other one has to be held all the time which can be quite tiring for us, parents! That’s why sometimes it is better to go to malls that provide trolleys, just because I can put both my kids in them!

My kids inside a trolley at a shopping mall in PJ

When it comes to choosing which malls are suitable for kids, I usually prefer malls that have clean and comfortable baby room facilities so I can breastfeed my daughter comfortably. I don’t have any choice other than face the weekend crowds when it comes to bringing my kids to the mall since I am work full time during weekdays. To help ease this problem, I try to stay away from those extremely busy malls and opt for malls like The Curve which is smaller in terms of size but nonetheless a great place to bring kids along since it is less crowded compared to a mall like Midvalley Megamall.

I know some parents who will leave their kids at home just to enjoy their time out shopping. But for me, it’s not that I really want to go shopping, it’s more like having bonding activities with the kids. Even though my time at the mall is spent more on looking out for the kids and taking care of their needs instead of shopping, at the end of the day their smiles and knowing that we enjoyed our time together as a family is priceless!

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