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The Challenge of a Work-At-Home Mum

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 05 December 2012

This is my second month of being a WAHM or work-at-home mum. I am still fumbling to the real success as the challenges of a WAHM are different from what I had as an engineer before. The challenges are also different for everyone.

The first challenge usually is the kids. We don’t have to manifest our love for them. However, as a WAHM, it is usually not a hand-in-hand thingy. Even if mothers usually give up their careers to be with kids at home, juggling between kids and work shouldn’t leave a mother with no choice but to attend to the kids.

A WAHM must agree that we are working, not just staying at home. Hence, efficient time management is very important when we have kids at home. Rope in enforcement to assist in baby-sitting might help. Be willing to get up early in the morning and burn the midnight oil whilst the children are sleeping.

Another challenge is feeling ‘at home’.  Home is so comfortable; there is that no nagging boss, no long-hours sitting in at indecisive meetings and no datelines. BUT self-motivation is really important and crucial or we could be preoccupied with our own comfort zone.

Feeling isolated? Working at home can be lonely as we don’t have a colleague sitting next to our workstation. But to me, isolation is not a problem. I don’t have face-to-face networking but I keep communicating with customers and friends via social media. This new way of networking allows me to expand my web as I could chat with ten people at a time.

I have always wanted to be in my own house, doing my business online, on my own time. However, until now I still have a big problem to get rid of – to unplug! Oh noooo!


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