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Travelling With Children: At What Age Is the Best?

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 05 June 2013

There’s no right or wrong what the best time to start traveling with our children is. However, to ensure the trip is worthwhile and works for everyone, proper planning has to be made. At every age, our children give us different headaches!

I started to travel abroad with our 15 month old baby, or a toddler, maybe. We were not on vacation trip, but backpacking instead. Travelling with older toddlers might be the most difficult time especially when they start throwing tantrums (like what he does on a daily basis now!).

Breastfeeding is my best helper. Paired with the baby carrier, the journey was a smooth one. We did not use the stroller because some cities are not stroller-friendly, especially the subway and train stations. Wearing the baby is highly recommended for travelling with children.

And because of breastfeeding, our travel needs to be reduced. We do not need to bring any formula milk or baby food. I did not practice cloth diapering, and if only I was, I would still be using disposable ones for travel.

What is best about travelling with a baby, or a younger, dependent-toddler is it does not make a huge difference to the way we travel before we had babies. We had a lot of freedom, even though several stops were needed for nappy changes, but feeding and sleeping were always on the go.

We were also able to go out at night. Usually, babies do not need to go to bed in the accommodation to sleep. So we were able to socialize better. However, the downside is that we had to be prepared for when the little baby falls sick. So we had to prepare emergency medication for him (and us too!). And we packed essential vitamins so that we wouldn’t need the medication.

If your child is still a baby, this is the best time to travel!

The most challenging stage for me is to travel with older toddlers and preschoolers. I am always looking forward to more backpacking trips. However, they don’t materialize because of the kids.

Now I have a toddler (the one that what we call Trouble Two!), and two preschoolers who like to act like terrible-tantrum toddlers.

They have their sleep time so our journey had to be planned to respect their bedtime. Either that or we would get into big trouble when they start screaming altogether to broadcast their tiredness.

They love to run in a safe environment, and love theme parks. So we eventually changed our trip from backpacking to a vacation. It does not matter as long as our children are happy, right?

However, as it is said that travel opens up the mind, I would, as best as I could, help my children to have a better understanding about their journey. It wouldn’t be just a ‘trip’ but a meaningful trip.

It is so practical to give them some information about the place they’re about to go. They might get excited to know about the destination, and globally, about their world.

I gave them the map and flag of the state or country that we are visiting. Even though they got more excited on the theme park map, I hope it helped to improve their Geography.

So, now we celebrate the challenging journey while waiting for our children turn into pre-teens when travel becomes a real pleasure. What do you think?


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