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Vacationing with Two Little Ones is FUN

by MayTM
Posted on 23 May 2013

This is something I’ve been looking forward to (and also been dreading), having a holiday with 2 kids. The whole dynamics is totally different from having only 1 child. With 1 child, hubby and I can ‘take turns’ caring for him. Now with the younger baby around, each of us are ‘on duty’ all times!

However, as scary as it may sound, it’s really not as bad. Especially when we see their happy faces, checking into comfortable hotel beds and doing lots of different type of activities. We were actually quite ambitious for this maiden trip, as our maid was on leave for 2 weeks, we planned a 5 days trip – in Singapore and Johor.

The journey south was pretty much good as the kids behaved in their car seat, no wailing or crying for being in the car too long, thanks to mummy for packing 2 boxes of toys and all their favourite soft toys in the car!

Our hotel stay was wonderful, plenty of room for the kids to roam about. I think kids really know how to enjoy themselves, it’s as though they automatically know it’s a ‘brand new bed’! We took them to the Singapore Zoo, arrived there a little late and tickets to view the pandas were sold out. However, it didn’t break the spirit of a 3 year old. Ryan enjoyed it just as much (his second time there). Alyssa was also in a good spirit too, she loves getting out and about! As long as she is enjoying herself, she can even miss her feed!

Heading back north, we stopped at Johor. Main purpose is for mummy to visit the Johor Premium Outlet and for the kids to go to The Little Big Club theme park in Puteri Harbour. The kids really enjoyed themselves at the theme park. Ryan’s favourite train character; Thomas the Tank Engine’s world comes to life there. There are also other characters like Bob the Builder, Angelina the Ballerina, Pingu and Barney. Even though at 10 months old, Alyssa enjoyed herself very much too.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip altogether. Although it’s pretty tiring to pack and unpack especially for 2 younglings, at the end of the trip, it’s all their cheerful faces and memories that made it all worthwhile.


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