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What to Do When Your Child is Hospitalized

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 16 November 2011

I had ‘beautiful’ experiences when my children were hospitalized. It began when Hafiy’s temperature hit 40 degrees Celcius. He was sent to the Emergency Department and admitted immediately.  Then, Fahry was nursed in a hospital incubator for 30 days, followed by another twelve days in Special Care Nursery.

As parents, nobody likes to see our children lie on the hospital bed with wires connected to their bodies. Sometimes, little needles are put on their hands to collect blood for medical testing. If you are parents to premature babies or children with chronic illness, the feeling is rather heartbreaking.

Is that all?

Several tips I would like to share with you guys if your children are hospitalized:

  1. The hospital is not a house of torture
    When the medical team put our children on medical procedures, it is to help them to get better, not to torture them, or to bring them down. Give full cooperation to the doctors and nurses to perform their jobs. Ask questions if you are not sure.
  2. Bring yours and your children’s favourite things to hospital
    Being warded must be very unexciting especially for children who are used to moving and jumping wildly around. Bring their favourite toys, books, pillows, etc. The most important is that we,  parents, be there as much as we can.
  3. Sit back and relax
    Children can sense if their parents worry about them.  Send positive spirit by staying calm and relax (even if your heart is about to stop beating!). Encourage them to rest and relax. Tell them that they are going home soon but only after they recover and that needs lots of rest.
  4. It’s just another turn…
    If it’s not a chronic illness, don’t worry too much. Treat that hospital stay like another ‘milestone’ in our children’s development, just like starting to crawl, walk, stumble… It’s not only them who are ever sent to hospital. Tell them that you feel very lucky and happy for they are able to have wonderful medical treatment there compared to their third world countries’ friends who rarely have a good hospital to go to.

When our children fall sick, take it positively that we have more time to spend with them. It is unlike missing them when we have to leave them at home to go to work wink

Please cooperate with the medical team and don’t get paranoid when they perform any test or procedure, i.e. blood testing, etc. They are done to make sure our children are getting better.


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