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What’s Your Parenting Style?

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 18 January 2012

Have you ever observed your parenting style? Or you just don’t have any ‘style’ at all? Autopilot maybe? grin

Psychologists Maccoby & Martin suggested these 4 parenting styles that we may adapt or practice unconsciously!

Authoritative Parenting
Authoritative parenting rules and guidelines set the style that our children are expected to follow. But this is in effect a more democratic style of parenting. If you read the book “How to Talk so That Kids Will & How To Listen so That Kids Will Talk”, it gives a rough idea about this parenting style. Parents are more stimulating and forgiving instead of using punishment in cases of children not meeting their expectations.

Authoritarian Parenting
In this style of parenting, the parents have more stringent rules. Failure in following the set rules usually results in a penalty. We usually don’t have any explanation on those ‘rules’. It might be as simple as “Because I said so”

Permissive Parenting
Permissive parents are likely to act as friends to the children rather than being parents. These parents rarely put children under strict discipline, or maybe do not impose any discipline at all. They are very lenient and have low expectations of maturity. Perhaps, their children still wear diapers at 6 years old?

Uninvolved parenting
The typical uninvolved parenting style consists of low response rate and little communication. They just fulfill the children’s basic needs. These parents tend to ignore or leave the children when conflicts happen between them.

What impact do parenting styles have? According to Professor Baumrind who had dome studies on preschool children, one can expect the following:
Authoritative parenting styles—-> children are happy, capable and successful.
Authoritarian parenting style—-> children are obedient and trained, yet have low social competence and self-esteem.
Permissive parenting style—> children have self-happiness. These children are more likely to have problems with authority and usually will not be successful.
Uninvolved parenting styles—-> children have the lowest rank of all aspects of life.

I have learned the impact of parenting styles in children’s development. If you are interested; why not simply use all parenting styles? We can be authoritative at times, authoritarian at times, permissive at times and even uninvolved in certain circumstances.

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