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When Mommy Is Hospitalised…

by Mommy Lyna
Posted on 19 September 2012

I had chronic sinusitis since I was small. The symptom was headache, runny nose, chronic fatigue…  It became more severe since I started working in Kuala Lumpur. I guess this is due to the dust, car exhaust..  all contributing to my frequent sinusitis symptoms.

I met an ENT specialist from Prince Court Medial Centre. It was more than 6 years ago when I started to get in touch with him. But I kept on postponing my visit.. until last year when I went together with my husband.  We had our CT scans which confirmed that both of us need surgery.

I let my husband undergo it first and I should have it later. However, I delayed the surgery again until 7 months later. The triggering point was a 2-weeks-non-stop headache to the point that I had to take painkiller, couldn’t get up and had to take medical leave for that week.

Then, the decision was made -  I agreed to go for the surgery which was scheduled after Aidilfitri.

It was a beautiful morning when I was wheeled into the Operating Theatre.  General anaesthetic had been given to knock me off completely.


I needed about 2 hours to completely recover from dizziness of the anaesthetic . Luckily, my mom was there. I sent my kids to their nursery so that I could rest. They only came with my husband later that evening. Having them there made me want to recover fast!


My little Danny stayed with me while the other two went home with their father.

My husband said that I should not be on the hospital bed. I should be healthy and stay at home to take care of the family. I remember that he said, “You’re our world. You shouldn’t be away from home and shouldn’t get sick. Our world turns upside-down without you”.

I guess he was very right! And it happens to most mothers out there. A mother is the world to certain people – the family.

Back to my hospitalization -  it was only a 2-days stay. I asked to rest at home. My condition was not that severe to require the doctor’s observation.

Even though thick blood still flowed from my nose, the good thing is, I did it! It did not hurt because of the GA and painkiller! Hopefully, it will be a new start for me.  And time to give extra care to my sinus - we had our home unit of air purifier & ionizer system to ensure all the dusty particles go away!

How about you mommies? Have you ever experienced hospitalization (other than giving birth!)?


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