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Why All Moms Should Blog

by Intan
Posted on 19 October 2011

I started my own blog back when my eldest son was 1 year old. Looking back, I wish I had started blogging much more earlier - back before I got married!

Why you may ask?

Well, for one it would be great to document my life back then since I am such a forgetful person. If I had a blog when I was pregnant with my son, Husayn, I would have blogged about how emotional I was with my first pregnancy and the honeymoon with my husband in Kuching at my 7-month into pregnancy when I had to get a clearance letter from the doctor!

You see, I was pregnant with Husayn only a month after we got married and we never had the chance to have our honeymoon before so I was really excited during that Kuching trip. We took a lot of photos during that trip but sadly, I lost all the photos due to problems with the computer hard disk where all the photos were kept. At least if I have a blog back then, I would have recovered some photos and memories of that trip.

Blogging is a great creative outlet for you to share your experience as a mother and life in general.

Want to share tips on cooking for your kids to other mothers?

Worried about your kids falling sick?

Show what your husband bought you for your 2nd wedding anniversary?

Rant about work and how it is affecting your life?

Well, all you got to do is just blog about it!

Best of all, by blogging you get to network with other mommy bloggers and sometimes those mommy bloggers whom you get to know online will become your best friends in real life!

So all moms out there: if you don’t have a blog, go start your blog now and if you have a blog already but rarely update, it’s time for an update already!

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I’ve not started yet but thanks for the encouragement and motivation!

By May Hwong on 2011 10 21

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